Modern Champions

Champions are the people who follow their own dreams, and forge their own path through the world. Their stories are unique, yet similar among themselves. They are all over the world, they are the world changers, the world makers, and the world creators. The difference between a Champion of old such as Einstein, Da Vinci, or Tesla, is the ability to communicate across the world in an easy and cooperative way.

I’ve seen many projects online ( and groups in the world (Such as TED for example) who come together in the world and in mind to make a change.

Bloggers such as Siim Land Mark Manson are the type of people who have gone out of their way to establish a change in some some way. I aim to be one of those people as well, instilling an ideology that will help innovate the world, one person at a time if that is what it takes.

These people are self-made, they are the resounding leaders, and they will never back down.


Our society as a whole is more than likely never going to be full of people like us, but we are in abundance. Quite a bit actually, and we are all lost (scattered). Which is a shame considering the potential we possess alone is immense, and the potential we have together is inconceivable.

Without people like us the society will not progress, it would stay in it’s ways. In our modern era, even though we say we are more conceptual and creative, we actually end up being more habituated. Our innovators are now more scarce than ever, and perhaps that is due to the grander scale of the population, but our impacts are becoming more and more spread out instead of louder and bigger.

What we need is to be louder to the world and spread our influence in that creative manner. We need to come together in order to have a voice, and create a path for the world that hasn’t been made ever before.

Forging a new way of life is no easy feat, but that is what makes us different because even though the path isn’t easy. It is our path to follow, it is our own drive and passion for the grind to persevere. We endure the hardships because we know what is up ahead.

Siim the blogger I’ve mentioned before (today and in talks about the connection between the mind an body and how that the limits we think we perceive as truths are more of a barrier.

This is a similar mindset for the U.L.C.’s own “Four Pillars” and how the Mind and Body Pillars interact. They have an intrinsic connection that impacts each other, both in good and bad ways.

Keeping this in mind I would like to ask each and everyone of you to focus on creating a new self image. Forge a new path in your life. When you are done, or if you even need help from the rest of us (such as ways to improve your Pillars or simply optimize your life), then come join us on the path towards world innovation!

-Dustin U.L.C.

With inspiration and partnership from Siim Land.


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