Philosophy Thoughts: Influence

Influence can be a powerful position. Being able to influence another person is a magnificent action, yet a large majority of people who get in a position of power tend to misuse it. Which is disappointing. What a millisecond of greed can take vs. the vast amount generosity can produce is extreme.

Influence by this thought should be used in a magnanimous way. Compassion and generosity go hand in hand. As they should, but people don’t want to give up what they have for someone else. I’m not saying there isn’t compassionate people out there, as there are plenty. I am saying that everyone should be compassionate more in at least a minimal way.

The powers that compassionate create, are what create influence, which in turn can create MORE compassionate due to a higher standing of power/influence (of course!).


More and more I see people trying to give to others, and that is great I can only hope it continues. The point of this post though is influence, not compassion, so back on topic. Your influence as an individual will vary greatly from the people around you. The actions you take and the words you speak will have an impact on that influence as well. I have found that I have cultivated a variety of people who are influence by me, not just on the United Living Construct, but the places I go to and my jobs. The other day for example I had no money because of bills, and I didn’t have much groceries either. A couple friends jumped to help me, simply because they could and I didn’t have anything. I refused as I didn’t want to make them do that. I ended up getting paid the next day. The point being that due to my friendships with those people, and the influence I had extended to them they were willing to jump to my aid.

I’m sure that if I get into a situation where I need help, and muster up the humility to do it, I could ask someone for help and they would fly to the occasion. Alas that isn’t the type of person I am, I’ll be honest I blame my pride, but also too I would rather them share that generosity and kindness to someone else in greater need. Or simply keep the resources themselves for what they need to use them on.

I may have mustered up influence in the world around me, perhaps more than I even know, but I do not want to use it. I do not want to (in my mentality) take advantage of the people I care about. Even if they are more than willing to. Only when it comes to pure necessity is when I reach out for help.

An idea like this is comparable to an episode of the British TV show Doctor Who, where the protagonist (The Doctor) is put into a position out of control. He is a magnanimous person as we discussed before, always putting others before himself, and coming to the aid of many people all over. Never asking anything in return. Except for one fateful day where he is needing all the help he can get to save the day (so to speak).

Using his amassed influence he gathers allies to accomplish his goal, and due to the vast accounts of his compassion, he was able to accomplish a magnificent feat. He was not the man to “call in his chips”, but out of necessity he did.


Finally we come to our conclusion of this philosophy thought, this grand idea of influence is more than most people would even consider to think about. Though it really does seem to be more important nowadays with the rise of technology and global instability. Perhaps there will be a way for either the U.L.C. or some other unsung hero(es) to stand up and #makeachange.

Thanks for reading!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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