The True U.S. Political Construct

Everyone knows that there tends to be some form of corruption when it comes to politics. At least in a minimal sense, even if the politician is good at heart.

The sheer amount of misconception most people have about the leaders of the world gets into conspiracy theorist levels of proportions. Now I aim to wade away from being a aforementioned theorist, but I will get into information that will sound hard to believe.

Starting off lets talk about the electoral college which most people tend to ignore when it comes to elections. We have the mindset that our votes are the final factor, and that our candidates are the winners…..not true. In fact unless the populace vote is in a landslide there really is no reason to vote. The true nature of the election is who the electoral college, or E.C. as we can call them, votes for at the time. Each state has it’s own amount of voters, depending on the size, population, of the state. Which can get into really unfair ratios compared to other states.

Here is a video from a TV series based around disrupting common “knowledge”, and facts that most people believe to be true. #adamruinseverything

Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

The thing is its not just that our votes are for the most part in vain, but because the E.C. has so much power in the election that we need to be more concerned of them. The are generally speaking people of wealthy backgrounds, perhaps military or political standing, and don’t really have much real world experience. As you saw in the clip they take the job VERY seriously, with one voter a few years back misspelling a nominee’s name and taking no action to rectify that mistake. Essentially wasting the vote.

Now I can’t say much in the way to #makeachange in this situation besides just spreading awareness of it. One site that seems to have a right path in mind is

Now to congress!


So many jokes, satires, and criticism to be made. Alas we are going to take a more understanding approach. The reason being is to keep in mind that these ARE human beings. Albeit a decent amount of them narcissist and bipartisan worshipers, but still people nonetheless. People make mistakes and when put under the pressure that congress is under, it is not too hard to see why.

Generally speaking congress does not make PROGRESS in really any situation, and a lot of the time slipping in amendments to bills that only benefit their gain. Personally I think the Congress and Senate are an improper way to appeal to mass populace’s ideals in government. Execute branch is an interesting part of the 3 way system, but flawed in of itself too (as we will talk about later).

Coming to the point at hand we get to congressional fundraising. Which is like a child’s lemonade stands for politicians. Congress has to raise a certain amount of money each year, generally varying amounts, and certainly outrageous amounts for one person. This really does not seem to be a proper use of their time at all even at a minimal viewpoint. If we need fundraisers lets hire people for that job only. Why take people who need to vote on certain bills and legislatures for the country’s operation do that work? It is a terrible waste of their time, and makes them so emotionally unbalanced. Often times physically as well, that it makes a lot more sense to see why things don’t get done in the congressional standpoint.

Here is another video that highlights a lot of the tribulations they go through. It is from a weekly show that talks about various problems in the world, and that particular week it was Congressional Funding.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Congressional Fundraising (HBO)

I do realize the video is a tad longer, but it is worth the watch and enjoyable. This type of system is flawed in of itself, but adding the fact that the people working it are wasting their 2/3 of their time is even worse.

Finally we get to our last point, which gets more into the conspiracy portion I mentioned earlier.

The Federal Reserve.

An organization created to supply the U.S. and other countries with money and loans to “circulate” funds around. In reality it simply creates money out of thin air, and in turn cause a tremendous debt to what ever country it is trying to control.

The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

As someone who tends to be a bit skeptic on matters, I can’t say for 100% as information like this is true. Though it does seem to be true from the impact the FR has had on the U.S.

There are many videos of whistle-blowers speaking out online, but this one in particular seems to be of genuine intent. Politician Speaks out

An article that goes into detail about the vast power  of the FR and the families that own it.

Now the sheer amount of information about the Federal Reserve and the corruption of power it wields, is far too great to write in this article. Just take this info and try to make sense of it, and if you are able to make a change in some way. #makeachnage

I write these blog posts with one intention to make a change in the world in some way. I can only hope that I inspire, inform, and aid any of you in some way.

I would rather write a quality and lengthy post than put trivial short ones. SO any post I make, I make for a reason.

As the length of this post was long I thank you for sticking with it.

Take this information and make a change in the world. Change starts with knowledge!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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