Take Control of YOUR Situation

Manipulation. It is not taking advantage of others, or even yourself, for it is the process of which that allows you to maintain a coherent control of the life you live. If you do not manipulate your surroundings, and more importantly yourself then you WILL falter and grovel.

Now personally I have acknowledged the fact that recently in the past couple weeks I have let my emotions decide what actions I take. Just I am an emotional thinker DOES NOT mean I have to allow them to decide my fate. I’m not saying I have lost my temper or something, more of the opposite. I have let my emotions bottle up, and they have festered within my mind. Making me more prone to ignoring my skills of perception, and ignoring my surroundings themselves. That is not ok and I will not let that continue.

I must take control of my situation.

I have been going through a multitude of life changes recently in my work, home, and personality. This has rippled into stress and conflicts of mind. I want to make the most of my situation, and to drive my future into the path that I desire. For me to do that though I must stay focused. I need to manipulate my daily emotions, hell my hourly emotions, in order to stay on track. Once I let go my emotional distress then my eyes can be open to reading the people I meet, to the mindset of my daily life, and the success I aim for inside.

I have a life plan and goal.

I will keep my mind focused on the path ahead, and I shared this post even though I am literally about to workout (for my Body Pillar! #fourpillars). I will manipulate my own situation, I will think with clarity, and focus my attention to control the situation.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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