Philosophy Thoughts: Universal Connection

Listen to this as you read.

Everything is connected.

So many different philosophies have said either these words verbatim or something similar along those lines. The sheer fact that the world and more over the universe is so intrinsically connected is commonly under thought. I personally like to think of it as like there must be some kind of molecule or particle that unites us as a singular organism of the universe. We already are the culmination of trillions of atoms that are the same everywhere in the universe, no matter if you are a person, animal, plant, planet, star, or even galaxies themselves. They are all made up of atoms.

This fundamental fact is what leads most scientists to believe a philosophical aspect of life, such that we are all the same “star stuff”.star-stuff

Most people don’t even know these, let alone realize the implications of the idea. Think of it of a more philosophical point now. Think of the energy of the universe. Even the emptiness of space has energy, the big bang background radiation. Simple way of saying it really. Compared to the immensely fueled stars, soaring planets, vibrations of the entire universe come together as one. Unfolding to a singular way of life, on any scale.

Everything living or non-living is connected. Though more importantly that means ALL living creatures are united under one system. Interconnecting to each other in many different ways. The circle of life is a belief past down for millennia although it has some truth to it, our bodies decay. Then we are reborn anew as a different person, plant, or form of life. Nothing is ever created or destroyed, only transformed.

Our life energy is everywhere, you just have to look for it, and that doesn’t just mean in each other, but within yourself as well.

Look deep my friends!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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