U.L.C. Goal: Type-1 Civilization

The transition from Type-0 to Type-1 Civilization … Will We Make It?

When I look towards the future do you know what I see? I see the two paths Michio spoke of: prosperity or destruction.

What I mean by that is that either we as a planet are going to crumble from the inside out, or we will come together and create a civilization far greater than anything we have ever seen. When I wake up in the morning my thoughts always go towards the U.L.C., and that is because I see the U.L.C. as a stepping stone towards a unified world. As much as I wish it could be the catalyst for global unity it more than likely isn’t. It more than likely would be a shining example of what we as a people can accomplish together under one roof. As an ULCian it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, Arab, etc. We talked before about how the idea of “Race” doesn’t exist anymore (I.e. the real other races were “homo-erectus” etc.). That means it shouldn’t matter where you come from, in fact your ethnicity could bring different insights that the others did not know, and could contribute greatly.

Everyday no matter how motivated or unmotivated I am I see this goal, I see the U.L.C. envisioned before me.

What dreams are within you?

In the video it asks “What dreams will die with you on your deathbed?” What is going to not exist because you weren’t able to accomplish your dreams within your life? People like Tesla, Disney, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and many more brilliant minds all were far ahead of their time. Most of what they considered their dreams did not become a reality until AFTER they died, which means they thought their life’s work was for nothing.

Van Gogh Visits His Exhibit

I’m obviously a fan of Doctor Who considering how many times I reference it, but the point is in this show Van Gogh was able to jump ahead in time, right before he died. He got to see his exhibit of his masterpieces being admired and adored.

Now this won’t happen in real life, but it could bring way for ideas to be more sought after in modern times because who knows who the next Van Gogh will be?

Back on track, now as I said the U.L.C. is aimed to be a catalyst of global change and unity. We need something like it in order to accomplish a global civilization, or as said in the title: A Type-1 Civilization. What this means is that we are in full control of our planet, we are at a level where we can control or manipulate weather, earthquakes, etc. More importantly it means we are in unity with our population and resources.

Quick bit:


We cannot keep going on the path we are on now, it needs to be more sustainable and generating, not demanding of resources.

In this Type-1 Civilization we would have a global government, one far better than our current bureaucracies, and yes the U.S.A. is a bureaucracy. Our votes really don’t matter unless we are in 100% unison or damn near it. Most elections simply go to the electoral college. Now obviously with Brexit the UK is in need of a stabilization, as they are going to go through quite a rough patch in the coming years. In fact its not just two countries, quite literally every country is going through  something like this in some way, shape, or form.

The reason why is that we need unity, we are STILL trying to get along by keeping borders and nations. This is simply primitive thinking at best, for our potential as a unified front is far stronger than anything we can imagine.

Although I worry for our future because the people in power, not kings or presidents, but the actual people in power. I.e. world banks, Rockefeller, etc. they are actively going against the world in progress. They would rather have us stay in a Type-0 world, as this is the point where they have power.

That is it for today and I hope this might have sparked something in your: creativity, inspiration, anger, hope, sadness, or happiness whatever it may be. The path ahead unfolds in many ways, its up to us to shape it. #makeachange

-Dustin U.L.C.


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