Connecting With Each Other

ULCians are the beacons of life and prosperity to the world, or at the very least an example of what we can achieve. As someone who considers myself an ULCian I can only hope my actions can inspire others. I dream of a day where ULCians come together in one place, but alas until then we are united with the same goal of unity at this moment.

“The same goal of unity..”

In this day and age communication is a key to any relationship. It is clear that it is more and more easy to start communicating, but the true skill of it is rare. People do not have the ability to properly exclaim their ideas and thoughts to another. In fact it is more about listening than anything else.


This logo right here is a simple one, but the tagline “Innovating New Ideas and Technology to the World” is a key feature. We haven’t as of yet really done much with technology, besides sharing a few interesting pieces of innovation in the past. Conversely the information conveyed here on the U.L.C. is unique in the fact that its common ideas put together in a special fashion. The term “Construct” has a definition: an idea or theory containing various conceptual elements. While not always based in concrete evidence, does have basis in reality if given the opportunity to arise. Only we can make the Construct become a reality.

Innovating New Ideas

New ideas in fact are a common occurance with any person on the planet, but the passion and dedication to share it with others is not. That is one of many reasons why I truly believe the U.L.C. will be successful because over time we will amass a vast philosophy. Not to mention a united front of ULCians to lead the world to a more united age.

The last post we made was about this “more united age” or as many scientists know it as “Type-1 Civilization”. This term is coined as a civilization that has reached the capactiy to make use of it’s host planet. Controlling weather, united government, sustained resources, etc. That in particular did not die out from war, nuclear bombs, or over population.

This goal is something we should all reach for, even if you don’t necessarily care about the philosophy of the U.L.C. or whatever blog on here. If we do not reach for this new height as a species we WILL end.


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