Borderline Civil Destruction

I’ve hesitated to write about the ongoing attacks, protests, killings, etc. in the world. Not out of fear that they are controversial topics, far from it as that is what we specialize here, more because there are just SO MANY. They are all over the planet, constantly creating horrible instances. They create despair, separation, judgement, and most of all hate.

“Hate is a seed of corruption, that can only be torn down by love” -U.L.C.

I can’t imagine the horrific thoughts going through those people’s heads when they decide to kill a group of people for whatever reason. No matter what the situation is, death is not the answer. I cannot ever condone someone who kills for sport or out of hate. There is a Buddhist idea (I’m paraphrasing) about the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Where take a second to imagine a scenario.

There is a man who is causing destruction and chaos, and he will kill many people if he continues. The only person who can face him is a monk who is sworn to peace and non-violence. If he lets him live, by not killing him, then many more people will die. Just not by the monk’s hands in particular. Though! By not killing the chaotic man, then will the deaths of the many truly be caused by the monk?

Most Buddhists believe in taking out the Chaotic man for the sake of the many lives that this action will take.

This point was brought up because in many cases where mass shootings take place, there might have been a person who could have stood up to the chaotic man, but chose not to. Granted there must have been many more where it was too much of a shock to anything. I’m not saying anything about the victims.

Now to another point of the constant killings of citizens by Officers of the Law. There has been SO many of these cases that you CANNOT judge one by the other. Yes there is a pattern where Police are firing without proper justification, in many situations. I do not condone either side, as there has been plenty of police killings as well.

This statement above is sure to rile many people, but please continue reading before commenting.

These situations are terrible to say the least, the fact that lives are taken is the key point I wish to make today. Not to take any sides. There are plenty of people already doing that, for the fact that is necessary to look at is: the death. We see all of these as videos, pictures, stories online. 99.99% of us are not in those situations ourselves. We cannot say for sure what we would have done, since we were not there. I do not approve the constant violence and death of anybody. That is what is crucial here, the fact that so many are dying. What is the point of protesting, or going to work for the law, if no matter what SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE. That is not ok, and it really has to do with the groundwork that is set in place.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.08.36 PM

There is a constant conflict here, and it is the people above the situation that is controlling the direction of where its headed. There are so many people losing their lives, and we are stuck trying to overcome who we think the enemy is. The Police are here to protect yes? Well There are some out there who are not, there are plenty more who are working hard to protect us. Keep that in mind.

Conversely is there people who are shooting cops? Yes, and they are some of the folks who got shot, BUT there are many many people who are getting targeted by the color of their skin. Often times getting killed because of it, and we all thought that being a different color shouldn’t matter now that those times are over. Well obviously friends it is not.

This post does not pick either side, for the situation is far bigger than that. It is a social and ethical revolution at hand. We are the two sides fighting for a similar cause. A cause where people don’t die, where we can live happily, live without Fear.

Stop the Fighting.

Stop the Violence.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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