My Ever Flaming Passion

I wanted to a take a moment today and write a post about my passion. I get asked all the time what do you want to do (In a career sense, as I am young). I get either flustered or introverted when asked, for I never felt comfortable sharing my passion. I have the mentality that if I tell someone what I want to do they will either turn the idea down, expect outrageous goals out of me, or tell me to do something else.

The thing is that even if they did or did not do that I still have that goal. I still have that dream. I still have that every burning flame inside.


Everyday that I get up, everyday that I struggle, everyday that I have to crawl; I keep going forward because of this passion. I can never give it up, for it is what I was born with. The farther I go, the more I want to do it. Everything I do in life from the jobs I get, the things I study, and the stuff I do. I do for the chance to take one more step towards my goal.

As I’m writing this I feel so influx with emotion, and just a pure ocean of happiness, sadness, and even excitement. This post itself feels like an extension of my inner being.

My passion in life is the United Living Construct. To me it is not just a blog, its so much more. I created the blog one day on a whim to ATTEMPT to start towards my goal. That is not to say that it was created for nothing, oh far from it. I made this philosophical piece of the internet as a way to unite thinkers from all over. Who might just have something ever so slightly in common, to entire worlds/mentalities in common.

I wanted to Unite.

I dream of a physical place where people from all over, no matter what background, no matter what goals, just a place of innovation. A construct of peace, unity, creativity, prosperity, and improvement. Self-improvement on a scale that would create a wave of world-improvement.

This idea was what lead to the creation of the Four Pillars. A philosophy for those who do not know, that balances out all aspects of your life. Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, and everything in between. I wanted this ideology to help anybody set their own goals, for how can you strive for something if you cannot know what to strive for? You must establish your current setting in order to improve.


Everyday when I get up I think of this, I think of the future that I might hold, the future that I could create for others. The world that could be created from just a simple idea of unity. I can’t stand the fact that the world is divided at the moment. With things like Brexit, U.S. Election, Poverty in many countries, etc. It causes detrimental impacts all over, more ripples everywhere than people even realize on a grander scale.

I have my burning passion inside to create a unified place of innovation and peace. Everyday no matter how low I feel, I still desperately want to achieve this goal. IT KEEPS ME GOING. I want to create a United Living Construct.

The flames that burn deep inside will never fade, wither, or disperse. Anytime you read one of the posts on this blog just remember this one. It is the reason I write.

I Will Succeed

Thanks for experiencing this passion with me.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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