World Changing Videos: Make Your Life Matter

One thing about being an ULCian, a thing that I think of every time I write about this ideal, is that the very main point is to be a person that lived their life. You never know what choices will decide your fate, you could DIE tomorrow, yet you’ll never know until that point. You must live your life the way YOU want to live, and that is the way to truly experience the things you want to experience. The bucket list you have in your head will only be in your head if you don’t ACT on it now. Your legacy, your life, and your dreams can only come to fruition if you make it happen. If you make that change in your life to choose to do the things you want. To face the challenges you face ahead, and to live the life that you WANT to live. You have to #makeachange.

One Day It Will Be Over – LIVE NOW

To be an ULCian, is to be in balance with your four pillars. I’m not saying that you constantly have to be in balance, for that might be an impossible feat, it is a philosophy that is new. It is an idea of a way of life, that in theory be a challenge to live in that way, but the benefits of doing so is immense. Your life is tremendously better if in balance.

I personally love the idea of the Four Pillars, not because I created them, but because it simplifies the complexity of situations. It creates a stance of control of your very different aspects of life. Your Four Pillars, in this philosophy, are connected. Obviously, but without knowledge this idea, then you might possibly think that each of these aspects of life are separate, which could hinder your progress in life. THESE impossible aspect of existence are extremely interconnected, and when the idea is simplified it allows you to change your situation. It allows you to make a difference, one step at a time. It makes it to where you can make a change, and allows you to start with the little things, baby steps.

I have one goal in life, to balance my own life. That way I can achieve my greater goal, to balance the lives of everyone around me. Life is hard and if we can work together, it will let us all create a new unified front along many aspects of life itself. I can only hope these ideas can resonate, and spark new ones within you all. The idea of the Four Pillars is more  of a groundwork of philosophy, change, and lifestyles for you all to create.

Live the life you want to live. That is the way of the ULCian.

That is the way of life.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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