The Choices We Make

Today just this morning I was given a choice. I went into the kitchen for something to eat for breakfast, a banana or a donut. Bananas have the potassium my body needs, with much needed healthy fats. A donut has the calories and carbs that an high octane athlete like me needs, BUT has the fats and sugars that I don’t need.

Now given this situation most people would SAY to choose the healthy option, but when the situation arises the temptation is there to choose the other path. Now as I am writing this I am happily enjoying a banana or two with some tea.

The choices appear everyday in our lives, and it is the people who make the right decisions more often that end up being more happy and successful. Not to say that they don’t make a mistake or two, but they consciously choose the healthy option more and more. These decisions seem like they don’t matter, but they do over time as they compound into habits.

Habits are a lot easier to enact as your body and mind naturally do them, so if you choose a healthy habit then the choices you make will end up being easier to choose the healthier ones.

Today is a shorter post, but simply a Philosophy Thought on life, and the choices that we make.

 I hope that the next time you make a decision you think about this post, and the choice’s impact on you. Thank you for reading ULCian!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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