Paths, So Different, Yet So the Same

Everyone goes along their life as if it is a narrative, a story, or simply the day to day poem. There is a beauty in that with so much to live for and prosper. Some people see it, some don’t, and some actively avoid being a sheep in the herd.

I’m not saying any of your lives are common in any way, as everyone lives their own path. Their stories are going to be different, but there will be some similarities. Each story has its ups and downs, its roller-coaster appearance, and sometimes a deep low point that scars the rest of the story. This can’t be helped but it is up to everybody to realize that it can be there in someone. A stranger, a friend, or even a loved one.

Your path MIGHT be different, but the fact that we are ALL on our own path TOGETHER, is the key part to the point.

The trials you face everyday add up to the story you create. You are the creator to your narrative, most people in the world desperately forget that. You may believe in fate/destiny/etc, but even if there is an outcome you must face; You have the path to choose for yourself.


Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Your plans you make, the decisions you follow through, and the actions you take. Are all a part of your story. Do you think legends became legends because of a decision they made right before they die? Not so much! It was because of what they did THROUGHOUT their lives.

As a person, as a human being, you are constantly changing, evolving into the person you desire to become. If you want to be known for something then do it! If you want to be certain kind of person, say a popular person, then you have to actively change you habits and mentality to do so.

I wanted to be a social butterfly, even more than I was, someone who could master the art of conversing. So I actively learned interpersonal relation skills, Kinesics, topics of discussion, etc. I changed myself into the person I wanted to be. Now do I have a long way to go? Yes, but am I grinding towards that goal? Without a doubt.

Go towards the goals you have with everything you got!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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