Life at the moment!

Currently I am making great changes in my life, and just previously as well. I have gone through a lot in just the past couple weeks alone. Not to mention the constant change to my life in order to make myself a better person. Self-development is my main goal personally right now.

I changed living situations, occupations, and habits all in a short time span. The stress from the influx of emotions, and the changes around me actually physically impacted me as well. I got sick for a time, even more on top of the allergies that I dealt with all Summer. (Never had allergies before either!)

Do not take this as any excuse either, I should have gotten on here and posted some sort of Philosophy Thought or World Changing Video to say the least. So for that I can only apologize. One new habit I hope to form is to start posting more regularly for all of you wonderful ULCians.

Take my stance now that I hope to be on the incline in life now, which should help the flux of blog posts, as well as the purity of content as well. I simply wish to make all posts on here of substance and reasoning. No filler posts that you might see on other sites.

Lastly one point to really resonate with and communicate with me about. I hope to create a proper domain for the United Living Construct with many new communication channels and content for you all!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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