The Origin and Premise of the U.L.C.

Many people when they see the United Living Construct’s name they presume that the name identifies a construction organization. Which is understandable but also naive of the definition of “Construct”. It has two meanings: one of a structure or building; Also of a unique collaboration of ideas coming together.

I do not get offended when people don’t understand this for the knowledge of the second definition is an uncommon one. Actually when I was creating the name way back when I had struggled with what I could put in the “C” part of the name. I had the United Living from the beginning as Unity and Living prosperously was a grand idea from the start. When I discovered the Construct definitions I had been quite overjoyed as I felt the U.L.C. could identify with both. Currently it is solely an idea, a formation of knowledge and philosophy, but in the future I hope it to be an actual construct of people like all of you.

This blog was made as catalyst for world development and unification. I can only hope that with all of you readers we can unite to be the guiding lights for the planet.

Now don’t take my terminology for preaching, as someone did once tell me I sounded didactic when I wrote, which makes sense as I teach in my life quite a bit. Alas I purely want to be a spark for all of your imaginations, innovations, and lives. I want to improve everybody’s lives and I feel that the information conveyed here, and the philosophies to live by, or at least think of can improve lives. Especially the Four Pillars, as this simple mechanic to explain how our lives are structured has allowed me to realize my own connections between my own pillars, what causes them to weaken. Not only that but to notice when they are weak in the first place. Its hard to tell what your own faults are, but it can make you a better person out of it. For example at times my ego can get the best of me, and I try to keep myself grounded because of it.


Life is full of trials and tribulations. It doesn’t take a genius to know that, but it takes a genius to overcome those challenges and create a world out of them.

My words to you are to be that genius!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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