The Philosophy Of Teamwork

Many times I have seen the sheer capacity that teamwork has in life. Working together is how we as a species have formed the planet we have today. We cultivated a lifestyle that benefits the human race as a whole. We conversely though have created a society that benefits the minority, but that is a post for another day. We developed a world that interconnects and works together (at least to a degree of capacity).


The grand scale of the planet causes some people into despair, as they fear that it is too late to change our faults. Though this reasoning is nothing to worry about, as there is time to make a difference. To MAKE A CHANGE.

We have the ability as a person, and as a race of people to change the world around us. For one person its hard, but as a group of people it gets easier and easier. The more there is willing to change, the greater the change we can create. It can only be up to us to cultivate a new way of life. One more sustainable for not only ourselves, but the planet too. We have drained many resources, and mainly because of how we live. Our automobiles, grandeur of living, and planet-wide consumption of resources in general. People in other countries shouldn’t be starving with the sheer amount of food the world has.

There was one day I was putting away some pool noodles at my first job, way back when, and the tube container (with net) we had to hold them fell apart. I was trying to put it back together for a few mins and struggled mainly because certain parts need to connect in a precise way, which i could do but not all at once. Along came one of my coworkers who started to help me. Together we were able to fit each connector together at the same time. Allowing the container to stay together. Without him it could have lasted me 20 minutes to get that simple thing together. With his help I was able to do it with him in about 8 minutes. Under half the time it would have taken me alone, plus we made it tighter and more sturdy in the process.


This example is one of many instances where teamwork makes it’s appearance clear. Working together makes the job easier, and the end result better. Not only our current way of life would benefit from this idea, but the more cultivated lifestyle that we all CAN CREATE would too. Imagine the possibilities that we could discover and follow  if we only worked together more?

I hope to continue this idea another day, as it truly is monumental in nature, as well as it forms quite nicely to the goals of the U.L.C.

Thanks for reading!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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