Philosophy Thoughts: Past Can’t Define You

In a world where much of your life is recorded you cannot really get away from your past. It will always be there digitally and immortalized. For most that isn’t a bad thing, but for some it feels like a prison. One where you can’t escape from, which hinders their life.

There are others who look too much towards the future and keeps them from learning from their mistakes. Both outlooks keep the person away from the crucial-key point: Being in the present moment.

Your past decisions reflect who you are today, and in turn the decisions you make today as well. Many people fault themselves for the decisions they made, and it makes them slowly become consumed by the sheer regret. That regret cannot do a thing for you. If only some people could realize that, as some spend their ENTIRE lives in the past. Which is a shame.

Your life can only change if your perspective changes along with it. Keeping that open mind not only to current situations or the future, but also to the past decisions you made. Looking back with an open mind allows you to see from a different viewpoint.


Shifting viewpoints can create new opportunities in the present. You can choose to allow yourself the freedom from your past, and pursue a new path.

There are many times where I regret the decisions I made. I’m young and I’ve made mistakes, some that might have otherwise lead to great opportunities. Some decisions unconsciously prevented me from connecting with certain people, and that is something I regret. This regret prevented me for a long time from moving on, and in turn made my conscious mind unfocused. Once I let that regret go through mental effort and meditation; I was finally able to free myself to make a change in my own life. Changes to lead me to a new reason to be happy.

-Dustin U.L.C.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy Thoughts: Past Can’t Define You

  1. Nice post. I think you’re right, but I’m not sure that I agree that “Being in the Present Moment” is the crucial key point of your argument, although you say it is. Isn’t the crux of your article really the future? Certainly, the future is created in the present, and everything has to move through the present, but in order to create new opportunities, one has to be looking purposefully toward the future. Otherwise, being in the present becomes a surrendering to what we’ve got now and a discovery of the peace and contentment of what being completely focused in the present can bring. But, you talk about pursuing new paths and creating new opportunities … so, I don’t think that an existential completion in the present is what you are really talking about, is it?

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    1. Someone else said something similar how it seemed more situated towards the future. Perhaps that is what I had in mind, and didn’t even know it. Well this is why I love it when people like you speak up. Cause it gets me to think more as well!!


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