Four Pillars: Body

The Physical Pillar

We live our lives on the physical plane, and everything we do can be observed only on that plane. That means that the vessel we use to transverse upon it is very important. Our bodies are the vessel I speak of and for many people all over the world their vessels are in disrepair. For most of them they can’t do anything about it (say like starving people in the 3rd world), but for us in countries that have the freedom to eat what we want. The freedom to make a change in our own lives, then it truly is our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

Our bodies (and minds) are a tool that we can sharpen or dull from the things we do. If we constantly try and do the same thing the tool becomes dull and inefficient. If we sharpen the body too much it becomes too sensitive to do basic tasks (take people who work out at the extremes, i.e. Olympic weight lifting). Our bodies need a moderate amount of exercise, maybe a bit more depending on your condition. Keeping this in mind the exercise you do has different effects on the body.


Many things can throw your body out of balance, and the Body Pillar is the most commonly damaged Pillar because of this. If your mind is deranged then your body will soon follow suit. If your spirituality suffers, then your body will feel fatigued, and almost as if it was left alone in an ocean. You feel separated from yourself and your strengths.

If your emotions are scattered about, and you are going every which way with happiness and sadness. If they are out of control, then your body will change accordingly.


Some of what I say might seem like garbage, especially when I get on the spiritual front, but there is truth in what I say. I don’t mean for these posts to be taken in a religious manner, but more of an informative one. I for one detest religion, but I know that spirituality has many impacts on our lives. More than what you normally would see, and some of those bleed into the physical plane.

What You Can Do

Your body is a tool and like I said before it can be sharpened. Not only through exercise, but by diet as well. The old saying “You are what you eat” really does have substance. If you sit there and eat fast food all the time then you are going to feel like shit because of it. Conversely if you eat right, or at least to the capacity that YOUR body needs then you will increase internal strength. Some people need to eat more than they do, others need to eat less, and everyone thinks they are somewhere in between.

Exercise can help a multitude of aspects of your body. Anywhere from your metabolism, brain function, mood, and sheer strength itself. Being able to lift a box or person in a time of need is a tremendous feeling. If you can barely pick up a 10 lbs box then there needs to be a change. Working out also releases endorphins which make you feel good (both mentally and emotionally). Some exercises even improve your balance and spatial awareness, which helps in everyday life. As an aerobics instructor I go out of my way to include a vast array of exercises that help with these sort of things. Balance is a key part of life, and people lose it as they get older.

Keep yourself in shape and there will be nothing you can’t do!


Keeping Balanced

Attaining a balance way of life isn’t just training your body and mind, but keeping strength and acuity throughout your life. That means continuous training. You can always get better, and you can always improve. Even if that bar gets lower as you age, you still need to stay ABOVE the bar always. This will keep you in top condition, and may even slow your aging down as some research suggests.

Make a routine, follow it, change it, but never ever stop it.


Balancing the Body Pillar is more than likely the easiest out of the Four, but still takes work to get into gear. Trust yourself and your body, then you can reach new heights!!

-Dustin U.L.C.




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