Four Pillars: Spirit

The Spiritual Pillar

Spirituality is a complicated subject, and for most people they default to religion when thinking about it. One point I would like to make from the get go is that you don’t have to be religious to have spirituality. I do not want to discount any religion by saying this, and in my own personal life I have seen too many people blinded by religion (and so I get a little biased). Conversely I have met many enlightened people from a wide range of religions and beliefs.

Spirituality in it’s basic sense is the connection between your mind, and the inner being within you. Some say a soul, or Atman. That inner being is intrinsic to your personality and being, and when it is ignored you become disconnected from yourself.

For those who are atheist here is a point to make to you. It is fine that you don’t believe in a God, or deity, but can you answer me this “Do you not feel a mystical aspect of yourself that you cannot explain?”. Whatever your answer please comment below!

The Spirit Pillar is one of the more grounded Pillars for it cannot change very easily, which means in either way. What I am saying is that it cannot get damaged or healed very easily, and takes time to change it’s state. Where your Body and Mind can start to be forged over a few weeks, it might take a few years for your Spirit Pillar. Do not let this discourage you as over time when you become more align with yourself it becomes easier to see when something is astray (such as an emotional disturbance causing Spiritual decline for example). Still takes time to fix, but the detection is easier over time!


The imbalances in the Spiritual front can range greatly, for some can be quite noticeable and others not so much.

I am going to talk about Chakras and personal auras here now, and if you don’t believe in such things that is fine. I only ask you to keep reading out of curiosity or respect for the blog. For if any of the ideas stick to you, then maybe you might be able to make something out of it for yourself!

Changes in your Chakras have an innate connection to each aspect of your life. When a certain one is blocked it hinders your spiritual progress, and can interfere with your own life.


I quite like the 7 Chakras explanation as shown above, for it simplifies the basic nature of energy flow within the body. There are some philosophies out there that talk about more, but I won’t explain them today.

This picture above rather over simplifies the ideas in each one, but lets take it to the next step. Each ball of color represents a certain Chakra and each with their own pool of energy. Almost like wheels or gears churning the energy around in each spot. When some aspect in your life has blocked the flow (such as emotional stress, physical trauma, or mental instability, or mental degeneration), then the flow is cut off. Preventing the harmony of the body. This point right here ^^^ is why the Spirit Pillar is so important, as to keep a balance between all Pillars then this one is the one that helps bridge them together.

What You Can Do

Lets start off with how to attain balance within yourself. There is an explanation in a video here that great defines each Chakra.

How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained In a Children’s Show

Growing up I watched that show, and the underlying philosophies scattered throughout the show was immense. Far greater than what a kid might actually understand. I remember watching that particular episode for the first time, and being totally engrossed in what Guru Pathik was saying. Now I didn’t start meditation until I was towards the end of my teenage years (sadly!). Now myself I can honestly say I’m not sure how much I believe personally on the matters of the spiritual. However I have time and time again meditated on a certain Chakra when I knew there was a disturbance in my life. Almost immediately I felt some sort of relief or guidance on the matter, coming from within.

Now its not that you unlock one Chakra and move on, as even previously unlocked Chakras can get blocked again. I have had this happen a lot of the times with the Root Chakra. Which is based on survival (Think fight or flight instinct).

Now as I was looking for the video above I found a outstanding meditation music for each Chakra. I immediately stopped writing and started meditating! Each one is only a few min long and when you are just starting out that is good, as patience is a hard thing to come by nowadays. Not to mention our attention spans are greatly reduced by the world we live in. It is only 21 min long for all 7 Chakras.

7 Chakras Meditation Music | 21 Mins of Extremely Powerful Chakra Healing

Try this music alongside some simple meditation. If you do not know how to let me know and I can make a a post dedicated to doing that. For now the basics is (I would suggest a comfortable place to sit) cross the legs, place your wrists on your knees, hand gestures aren’t crucial right now so don’t worry. Simply focus on keeping your eyes closed, take a deep breath and think. Some say to clear your mind, don’t do that. It is much better when you can deeply think about different aspects of your life. Especially when they coincide different Chakras.

Keeping Balanced

Keeping balance simply has to do with practice, same goes for the other Pillars. In order to temper the strength of the Pillars you need consistent practice. Ideally everyday is always best, but come on that is unpractical for most things. I at least do everyday at least two Pillars. Mind, Body, Spirit, or Emotions. I work on two of them if not more.

Keeping trying on the meditation and over time it will get easier and easier. Or more specifically you will get more patient .Then you will see an effect from doing it!

Thanks for reading and look forward to the final post coming soon!

-Dustin U.L.C.




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