Being You

Life isn’t about following a specific guideline, path, career, or even philosophy. It is about choosing to do the things you desire to do within your lifetime, if working a 9-5 job is how you do it then fine, but if you want travel, write etc. Then you must have to make the sacrifice of a “normal” life for the life you truly want.

This idea comes from the fact that in a lot of posts I write about the Four Pillars and your lives. I do not want to make it seem like this is the only way of life, or that you HAVE to follow the Pillars. They are a guideline to help you on your own path, like the Food Pyramid, Ten Commandments, or even Confucianism. They are all there for your information to use. A stepping stone to make your life better. I really believe that if you follow the Four Pillars strategy then you will have a better life, but if you were to follow a Buddhist Philosophy then the same outcome with commence. Better than what you have now, more peaceful, healthy, etc.

I wrote the four part series on the Pillars as a guide for each Pillar, as each will impact your life differently, and not to mention they are all quite different to master. Some things will transcend multiple Pillars.


It is not about what you are now, for it is about what you can become. I simply want to make you the best version of you that you can be. That is what I expect out of myself. It would be foolish not to expect that out of any ULCian. The term ULCian is something we haven’t talked about in a while too. Basically it refers to the person reading this blog, as you followed the U.L.C. for some reason or another. More than likely philosophy or self-improvement. ULCians by our definition are self-creators. They create the person they want themselves to be. The Four Pillars is a means to do just that.

Being you is the best thing you can be. Simple as that and I can only hope I aid you in that process.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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