The Warriors Spirit

This video is akin to a flame of passion engulfed into a single video.

What Is A Warrior?

The “Warriors Spirit” is an internal (and eternal) combustion engine that just cannot fade. The tremendous amount of will that the person who dare deems himself a warrior is unmeasured by all except fellow warriors. This spirit that drives certain men or women is the physical embodiment of flames themselves. I know that I am speaking in a large amount of metaphors, but this is simply the best way to explain this curious life.


The fire of passion is something I have talked about before, and always will as it is something I personally cannot escape from. This passion is translated into many different aspects of life, and translated differently for many people as well. The way I see it is that it is the internal force that propels people forward. The difference between making a decision like most people do, and having passion, is that with passion it is not a decision only an event that has (inevitably) yet to come to pass.

My Warrior Brother over at talks about the Warrior’s Spirit and way of life cropped-draw21quite a bit, if you want to check him out.

The Warrior’s Spirit is a common theme in history of the world as well. Many respected figures throughout history were warriors. Mainly because in order to make history, you must first make the events that will be recorded!

The U.L.C. is going to be one of those events that makes history, I can assure you of that fact. I write these blogs with this notion in mind every time. I dare to presume that the choices I make will lead me to the creation of the U.L.C.

As you may have guessed from the previous paragraphs I see myself as a Warrior. Maybe not in the combat sense, but in the will to defy what has been set for me. I have a goal that will happen no matter how long it takes. I have that passion, the ethos, and the senses that will lead me and those around me to that goal. In my life I only want to bring people up, no times do I think to myself that this person’s life should be worse. I want the people around me to be uplifted, and fostered into a better living. In turn often times my life becomes better as well, but this is not why I act this way. I act with honor and honesty because that is what my internal ethos deems suitable for a Warrior, for me.

In my life I have stuck to pacifism, as confrontation most of the time does not lead to resolutions. Alas if the situation arises I will conquer anything against me. Sometimes you have to step into the ring, sometimes you have to stand up for what is right, and sometimes you have to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.


Saying this I still strive for peace above all else. Peace between all people (at this level there is no need for “race”, creed, or religious separation), and the cost of this might be great for myself. I will more than likely have to dedicate my entire life to this cause. The cause that innately drives my internal flame. The glorious day that will come when this is not only started, but accomplished, will forever be ingrained within me.

If you are a fellow Warrior then tell me your passion and drive below. Don’t hesitate to share anything you please.

Stay driven, stay passionate, and purely become victorious.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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