Personal Transformation

A major theme on the United Living Construct is the idea of Personal Transformation. The action of making yourself a better version of you. One way we discuss this idea is through the philosophy of the Four Pillars. We created this idea as a means to have you discover what makes you, you. Then using that information take action in your own life.

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This monumental step can and will change your life, most of the time in every aspect of it. The sheer amount of possibilities you contain simply within yourself is immense to say the least. With this in mind we can even impact the world around us, for when you change YOUR life, then the lives of the people around get shifted too. Hopefully in the inspirational way, so that they can improve as well. This is similar to the pay it forward mentality, where one person receives a kindness, then passes it forward to three more people. Then they all pass it to three more people each, then so forth. If we can transform that kindness idea (although do that too!) into a personal transformation movement then the country can be greatly improved. Then the world.


Most people don’t realize the vast amount of positive influence they have, and hell most of the time I don’t seem to realize it either. Though I actively try to stay aware of my situation and attempt to try to see if there is an opportunity to #makeachange.

I desperately want to improve the lives of others, it runs in my veins every day and every night. I see somebody struggling and I go over and attempt to help. Most of the time my actions make progress for them. Other times nothing happens, but it is the fact that I tried that matters. Because if you try and filter out situations you think might not lead to anything, then you end up MISSING a LOT of opportunities that would lead to change.

Make a Change

One way to improve your personal state is to practice balancing the Four Pillars. No matter what your religion, nutritional background, physical state, emotional stress, etc. is this philosophy can be picked up and adapted to your life!

I believe that the world can be tempered into something magnificent, and I believe everyday that my actions can lead to this brand new world. Every decision that I make goes into this idea. Saying this I hope that we can all strive to achieve this great ideal. Not only on a global scale, but more importantly on a personal level.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this might spark something within you!



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