Life is a Flowing River

Time moves forward, as does your life. Forever in battle against death or any unforeseeable events. Until at the very end life loses in favor for death. This surely sounds quite dreadful to you doesn’t it? In spite of this fate however the true beauty of the raging war is the battles themselves. Each bit you get closer the more you experiences. Battles in your life can be almost anything, but each one you conquer to move on to the next. Your life is nothing but fighting a battle after battle. Now that isn’t a bad thing, for your journey across each battlefields will bring new things into your life.

This profound idea is something that should resonate. Each battle could be your last, yet you persevere onward. It is a beautiful thing, and the victory will lead to new changes in your life. These battle changes meld you into the person that you are, forged in the heat of life.

You, the person reading this, is a beautiful masterpiece forged in your own flames of war. The internal conflict within has manifested into a person of pure uniqueness. This something you can never forget. You can believe that each person can make their own unique mark on the world, but only if you believe that you yourself can.


Using your personal experience you can make a difference. Follow each battle no matter how hard it might seem. That challenge is there for you to overcome, and you will.

Don’t stop until the flames of war inside turn into a mighty blaze of glory. The true success you can achieve by being yourself is priceless. “War. War never changes.”, but you can change the war inside of you.

No matter how close you get to death, that is one more battle you conquered. Now stand up and fight the next.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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