We Are the Unity the World Needs

I’ve talked about how each and every one of you reading this are essentially the first ULCians. Or the people OF the United Living Construct. I say this as the very fact that you found your way to this blog really shows your innate curiosity. Being an ULCian isn’t an easy thing to say the least, but it is my firmest belief that it is quite beneficial to your lives. Meaning that certain principles that we follow allow us to live happy and prosperous lives.

That is my goal for the world to be united and prosperous. Every day I envision this, and I can’t help it. It is so a part of my being that every single thing I do leads towards this. I know that keeping up habits like working out (body), meditation (mind and spirit), or learning everyday (mind), is not always going to happen. I try very much to do at least a minimal amount of each everyday, but that doesn’t always happen. When this happens I try to make my next situation even more beneficial by increasing my workout capacity, spending more time reading, meditating different Chakras, etc.

This ideology is built to unify people of ALL kinds, no matter what religion, creed, or background. Personal notions aside as this is about the people as a whole. For example I like the philosophy of religion but I rather detest religion in it’s current form. As it is the cause of many wars throughout history, not to mention modern issues. Alas my personal viewpoint has no stance in this case, as the U.L.C. is a place of unity. I might be the main engine for it at the moment, but my emotions, and opinions need to stay out of the core of it. That’s what I do when I write, I add input, but I leave out prejudiced. Not that I really think negatively of people much anyways. I always aim to be a positive influence, and that can only happen if I keep a positive outlook!!


Unification should be the first goal for us all to achieve, and keep this notion in mind when you make your daily decisions. How you treat people, especially rude or irate people. What you do with your own personality development, or emotional fluctuation. Keep yourself in peace, and that is the only thing you will spread.

Keep a positive outlook, keep up your maintenance on your personal Four Pillars, and spread unity between people.

You are ULCians, all a part of the United Living Construct!

A Place for Us

Thanks for reading! -U.L.C.


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