What is your life goal?

Watch this before reading! (1.25x speed)

We have talked about our unified goal as a group to what we can and should aspire to. This goal is unifying the world, creating the United Living Construct, and being a beacon for humanity. Those are important yes, but more importantly what is YOUR goal. The U.L.C. isn’t just a catalyst for global change, no, it is a catalyst for ALL change. Including within your lives and goals.

There is immense opportunity in front of you, if you do not see it then you need to fight for the vision to see it. Fight for the goal that you strive for when you fall. You need to find that reason to get back up when life knocks you down. No dream or opportunity left behind.

The sheer amount of potential each and every one of you is extraordinary. “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure.” This is not a life you want to give up, you only get one life, and it is up to you to make sure it is up to par (or greater).

Find that goal, and as a community it is our responsibility to help each of us to achieve that goal. Its not our job but it is our duty. Our unity will lead to greater and monumental challenges to be won. The U.L.C.’s affiliate Siim Land believes in self mastery, and the improvement of one’s body and mind. A duality system of extraordinary philosophy. Does this philosophy match our own? Yes to a degree, but it differs in it’s practice. Does that matter in the slightest? No, for the point of the U.L.C.’s unifying nature is to assimilate like-minded people. Not equal minded, not perfection, but imperfections of a similar standing. This ideal will allow us to gain members from all areas of life and background.

Leading into a more diverse and rich thought pool, and more substantial growth. Siim’s philosophy is truly genius, and is quite worth checking out. Think of it as training the Body Pillar and Mind Pillar more specifically. The Four Pillars philosophy is simply a more broader ideal range, with emotions as an extra tie in for each. Spirit Pillar is imbued to both of the others in the ideology he explains.


Use these blogs as a channel for your inner greatness, and simply help each other reach for each person’s goals. The apex of innovation is the master of unification. We can only reach our highest goals, when we come together.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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