Fitting Into Your Potential

Becoming an ULCian doesn’t just mean becoming part of a group that aims to change the world. It means becoming the best version of yourself you can be. ULCians have an inherent capacity to improve. We can all strive for higher and higher goals, and achieve them with the help of each other. There is an auto-didactic (self-learner) nature and polymathic (jack of all trades) nature as well.

The whole balancing the Four Pillars philosophy was created in order to keep a balanced life. I believe that if your life is in chaos, or even just mildly unbalanced, it can prevent you from improving yourself.

Take for example you strive hard and hard to increase your muscle mass by working out regularly, BUT due to stress and constantly workload your emotional and mental pillars are out of sync. Thereby causing ripple effects on the body and preventing you from improving

Conversely if you focus purely on your brain, and spend all your time learning, studying, and testing. That you forget to take care of your body, then you would be scrawny and weak. This happens a lot with the “nerds” of high school and college. Sometimes due to genetics, but my genetics have NO athleticism whatsoever and I still keep gaining muscle and strength. Pure determination.

You can’t let one aspect of life deflate the others, or your progress WILL halt.

Focus on your NEW goals but keep the OLD ones on the back burner.

Always look forward, always learn from the past, but most importantly always be in the moment. Sounds contradictory? No. Sounds like balance.

Following up on the idea of self-improvement I will link a few articles from around the web to help you accomplish this!

This isn’t for improvement really, but it’s nice to listen to while reading!!

Stand out and break yourself from the Norm, Then keep the habit going!

 Improving yourself Practically

Developing good habits.

All of these should help each and every one of you in at least some capacity. I know I personally benefited from reading them, even though I read things like this everyday. I guess its a “habit” now.

Continue to improve yourself, strive to be a better version of you, aim to be an ULCian!

As always thanks for reading.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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