Unifiers. Leaders. And Creators.

People of the U.L.C.

In past ULCians were explained as beacons of light for the world to follow, but in that idea it is unclear on how that can happen. Not to mention a variety of ULCian traits that always suit one person. Maybe you qualities of two out of the three, but that doesn’t make you any less of an ULCian.

Personally I believe in polymathy, as myself am a jack of all trades. As an ULCian there is an inherent nature of that in you, but if you’re better at leading people than creating then that is what you should do. Simple as that and with that in mind we are going to delve into the four varieties of ULCians. At the end try an see which one you fit into, and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Now “Uniter” isn’t used in a common conversation, but it does have grounds in society. As many great people of the past could be seen as a uniter, such as Gandhi, MLK, etc. These people excelled at bringing people together for a cause. “to unify conflicting theories; to unify a country.” –http://www.dictionary.com/browse/unify

Both of those definitions correspond to the Uniter’s job in the U.L.C. as ever since ancient times people from all over have different histories, religions, and cultures. Their theories on how to live will range great, but most of the time are a lot more similar than they might realize. There is a great connection between everyone on the planet that most people just purely cannot see on their own. Unifying those theories, or giving them an indication of similarity will allow them to come together.

To unify a country it takes more than just a Uniter, but Uniters are the groundwork for the others to work off of. They unify the people together for the leader to take into the place that the creators create. Seems rather simple in idea, but is a lot grander in fruition. They rally the people together under a singular goal.


Out of all of them this might seem the most obvious, but what it takes to lead people away from thousands of years of habits and backgrounds is a lot harder than it sounds. I believe in order for the world to continue in it’s next phase, we will need to put logic over philosophy. As someone who truly adores philosophy this is quite hard for myself, alas science needs to take precedent.

In some ranges of society the two intermingle. In the fictional story of Superman, his home world of Krypton believes that Science and Religion are one and the same. They do not see a difference, it was molded into that mashup. I think in our global future it will do the same.

Leaders of the U.L.C. drive the motions and currents of innovation. The Uniters previously brought us together, then the Creators give us the necessary elements to take a stand.


The sheer amount of possibilities that can come from Creators is so massive that I could make a post all about it (Maybe in the future). Innovation and creativity are obviously the two key points of this type of ULCian

Perhaps curious of all the role here is more of support rather than full on polymathy. Creators help shape the way each of us can grow and prosper. Without them the cycle couldn’t continue. Creators make the place or stance we can be, the Uniters bring us together, and the Leaders bring us to the next phase.

The job of the Creator is to innovate that current level of life. If we are in a state of flux then the possibilities get increased, but conversely if we are in a stagnant state (akin to where the world is now) then the Creators are even more crucial to the development and continuation of the U.L.C.


Finally we get to the final type of ULCian, the PolyULCian. Someone who describes and lives by all the traits previously mentioned. Now who is to say that everybody in the U.L.C. can’t be this way? No one really, but the level of innovation, leadership, and uniting qualities will decrease when no one is specialized. At least at this current level of understanding of ULCians. Perhaps in the future we can figure out a way for this idea to work fully. For now I believe that this category would be a more rare situation.

I myself claim to be a PolyULCian, as someone who embodies each trait to heart, and desperately wants to #makeachange in the world. It comes down to all of us to do that, but the Poly ULCians I think will be the start of it all. We start as this type then spread out into the more specialized categories. Perhaps my innovative side will kick in a couple of decades, which would lead me to being a Creator. Or more likely the need of a leader for the U.L.C. will cause me to rise up to the occasion. I’ll be honest I see this being the more likely case, but we WILL need more leaders.

ULCians I declare to you now that I will strive to the ends of the universe to bring us all together. At the moment the blog acts as our first phase of unification, but eventually we can move on to newer and bigger things.

Let me know which category you believe you fit into in the form below!

I think this is one of the most important posts the U.L.C. has made in a while. With that in mind I thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

-Dustin, PolyULCian


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