Philosophy Thoughts: Fleeting Moments

Every day is a new beginning to your life and with it comes new moments to experience. You cannot escape this fact, yet it comes down to the question of why would you even want to. A lot of people who have busy lives tend to forget the precious moments that pass by. I was thinking on my way walking to work, that most people see walking, biking, or driving as a simple means of transportation. When you’re a kid all of those things were seen as things to do and enjoy. You could go for a walk and just think to yourself, the thought of transportation didn’t really come around. You simply enjoyed those common actions, when we take advantage of on a regular basis.

These moments are where you could keep more of a Carpe Diem mentality, as these are the times when you stand back and see your situation from the outside.

Moments are about 90 seconds long, and they happen everyday, every hour. They can be easily missed, but they cannot be easily forgotten. Sometimes some of your best memories are of these moments.

Live with this idea, ponder on it for a bit, and always remember moments are where the life is.

-Dustin PolyULCian


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