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I have struggled as of late to keep the posts flowing in at a regular basis. Its not that I don’t have lots to say, but more that I treat it almost as every post is judged by a board of directors. Or something along those lines. I know its not, I know that each of you followed this blog for some reason or another. Most importantly I know that the point of developing the blog in the first place is far greater than what it’s public appeal may be.

The true meaning behind the United Living Construct is to change the direction of something into something else. Now that goes for any level of life. In your own personal level of perception. Your life itself, following the Four Pillars Philosophy to greater your own reality. Then on the grander scale of creating a world where people can come together to face greater obstacles that we currently are not only unprepared for, but cannot even foresee in the first place. We are too dislocated and out of reach to even see what is right in front of us. On all levels.

The pure essence of philosophy is the love of wisdom, and the followers of the U.L.C. have followed this blog because one post or another had attached itself to each and every one of your own philosophical attentions.

Life itself is about discovery and learning.

Seeing that in every aspect of life will grant you the ability to see the beauty that bestows itself in front of you everyday.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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