Philosophy Thoughts: Multiverse

I’ve been having quite a number of existential thoughts as of late, and today for two hours I was having a mild existential crisis. Nevertheless I will rise to the occasion and write about the experience.

In the ever expanding universe there are millions upon trillions of stars, planets, comets, etc. They say it is infinite and our minds cannot literally truly comprehend the massive scale, and yet many scientists have taken a moment to not only grasp the idea but expand it more. The multiverse theory is that our grand and huge universe is just a bubble in an even larger space. Bubbles all containing universes of their very own, and different laws of physics, maybe even without any at all. Sometimes they might touch our own and leave a ripple effect, which causes some anomalies in the sky. That is not what we are here to talk about though.

Another grand theory is that of Space-time (Thanks Einstein) and it simply is a unit that describes the measurement of space in a way. To think of it is to grasp it, which is something that takes a lot of learning to do. An easy way to explain it is that here on Earth we have Time and Space. The room we are in and the time it takes to get across that room. To our minds and lives they are two separate things. Alas when you expand that view into a much larger scale of the cosmos, then the line becomes blurred. It becomes a singular entity.

The time it takes to move and the space to transverse essentially mean the same information to the viewer. This being said there is a lot of aspects to this that can cause confusion in even the greatest minds. I don’t even fully understand it since I’m self taught over my short life.


Take a second and breath. Find a thought in your mind and try to center yourself on that. To some that is meditation (there are other ways to mediate that are more advanced) and with all of this philosophy and science running through my head, sometimes I take a moment and try to center my thoughts.

Which is exactly what I did today. Writing this all out the feeling of terror and existentialism is rushing through me again, but writing it helps.

One thing that was overly concerning me is the importance of our lives, or rather it’s unimportant nature of it. We are literally specs of dust moving, every person, every animal, even our planet itself! Are meaningless dust moving through the vast universe, that inconsequentially isn’t the only one. We all die in the end so what is the point right?

Conversely the philosophical and PolyULCian in me caused me to think about the other point of view, that our time is short to say the least. Every Fleeting Moment is passing before our eyes, and causes us to make different decisions throughout our life. These decisions have so much weight in themselves. Even the very minimal to the very drastic.

 Hitler killing millions of Jews, or not killing Jews (I wish it was the latter). OR in the minimal sense the decision to take one step forward or not. (Do not think I am comparing the horrendous event caused my Hitler to anything, thanks!)

Every step you take, every second you are here (not dead, Schrödinger’s Cat), and every major decision especially. These all are instances where the outcome can cause many different consequences. Think of the butterfly effect, except time is the illusion because it doesn’t matter if you go back or forward in time. Or stay here, the point is that the affect of your action still causes ripples.

Every decision you make will cause another universe to be created.

This is where the multiverse theory comes in because each action you take causes another universe to form where you didn’t make that action. If someone asks you YES or NO, the whatever you pick will be the “main” universe to YOU. But the other option simultaneously created another “main” universe to YOU because you of that universe made that decision


.Not only this but does that mean your life is for nothing because of all of the other universes where it might be better? There are an infinite number of better, and an infinite of worse. The idea of infinity is enough ALONE to confuse most people, and with all of the other vast constructs here that we are talking about it can be overwhelming. Which for me it was today.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.08.36 PM


I chose to share the two images above to explain the beauty of everything we talked about. It is all some scary stuff, and the fact that we can even talk about it alone is amazing. We are all intelligent enough creatures to ponder the universe itself. That is what I take out of this.

I have always said that Secret to Life is Balance. Even though the theories haunted me today with thoughts of ever crushing proportions, I realized the importance of our lives. We might just be another blink of the universe, or a fleeting moment waiting to end, but we are still HERE. Here to make a difference, HERE to #MAKEACHANGE, and here to share insights with everybody.

That is our way, that is the way of the United Living Construct.

To truly see the balance in anything, and to strive for it.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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