United Living People

The posts as of late has been following one simple theme for the most part, YOU. The people of the U.L.C. The ULCians, the people who will change the world. I want this to shine in your life, an aspect that you can be proud of, for maybe together we can #makeachange.

To know what we can do as a team, we must know who makes up that team itself. Like the older post about ULCians themselves stated, there are FOUR types of ULCians. The creators who create the world we live in, the Uniters who bring the people together to live in the world, The Leaders of that world to live, and finally the PolyULCians (The people who imbue all three top qualities rather equally).

These are the people who can be the beacons of light across the world, the symbols of what humanity can accomplish. I envision a great innovative city with every one of these types of people living together. Prosperously and unified these people lead the planet as a central form of leadership, one without previous inclinations to a certain way of life. One without any form of official history to stay a tradition to. At least as of the creation of it!

With this blank slate the city can live in peace without having to have anything holding it back, besides the world itself, which we can try to bring into the prosperity as we go. This city can be a catalyst of innovation, science, philosophy, enlightenment, and most importantly of all, peace.


Obviously the image above is a render and also not exactly what I envision, but it is there to simply share the idea of the city. (Credit to TLB Designs)

We want this to happen in the world, not just because I say so, but because if we don’t find some sort of centralized leadership then the only other choice for humanity is self-destruction. If we can create that leadership then the progress of humanity is ripe to begin once more. Currently the world is at a tipping point, with all of the chaos, and corruption there is not much to hope for…yet. We can create and spark that hope within anybody and everybody. Simply by creating this wonderful city. A “City of Tomorrow” if you will.

This is all fine and dandy, but reality must set in how can we do such a grand goal? There are many ways it can all go down. Really what it comes down to is all us to unify and be the very best person we can be. That is why the Four Pillars Philosophy was created as a personal manifestation of what the transformation of you into the perfect version of you can become. Simply put you can start that change into the perfect you by following the Four Pillars into every aspect of your life. This does not mean you have to give up your previous beliefs such as religion, philosophy, or maybe even lifestyle, but it does mean you can improve upon it. If you don’t have a physical workout routine, or the habit of meditating then now you have a reason to start one.

Go out and create, create the person you are meant to be!!!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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