Productivity at it’s Finest

I’ve talked about improving your lives, and gave you different ways to improve certain aspects, but what about just the basic day to day life? Sure creating a workout habit, or meditation is in this world, but just take a look to this for a bit.

I aim myself to be the next great thinker of the time, I do not want to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, for I would rather be better. I want to be the greatest of me that I can be. I idolize Da Vinci greatly, just told someone at the gym about how he kept in impeccable shape all of his life. Was able to bend iron bars with his bare hands even. I love that, and the fact that he was a polymath is still amazing to me.

Think of different ways to improve life, even the simplest thing if continued over a large period of time is one of the most important. One person said that if you only get better by 1% every day, then after a year you will be 365% better than you were before. I’m sorry I can’t cite the person. Think about that though, some people get caught up on the fact that it is only 1% but after a year that is more than monumentally greater. Not to mention that is only looking at the fact that you are improving by just one percent, who knows maybe one day you improve by 2 or even 3. It can all be better.


I believe everyone has the potential to be better than what they was before. I’m a completely different person than I was a year ago, just ONE YEAR ago. I’m more scared of what kind of person I can become in 20 years. Not that I will go down hill, quite the opposite:


Alright now lets get to the ways you can improve. I will start off with what I know well which is technology, and tech life hacks.

When using Google Chrome think about the different sites you go to regularly, is Facebook one of them? Is sites that improve your life, teach you something new, or this blog even. Are they among the regular sites? If not then that should change. I have been going to Facebook quite often, and as a result I deactivated it. Yes, that drastic, for it will keep me from even being tempted to go back for a bit. Now I can focus on blogging, self learning, etc.

Start fresh by deleting your history, it will cause you to have to retype all the URLs you go to, get rid of those bookmarks too!, and you can use this opportunity to NOT go to a time waster site.

Use extensions like Deluminate or Session Buddy. They both help with productivity and can be a life saver in the latter. Deluminate allows you to decrease the contrast and brightness which can be immensely useful for reading long articles online, or watching videos, especially when doing ANYTHING at night. Save your eyes the strain!


Session Buddy is even more useful as it allows you to save your current session for later, or find a page that you saw an hour ago that you lost, and go back and get it! I’ve used it when I found a bunch of articles I would like to write about on the U.L.C. but don’t have the time at that moment to write it all out. Or if I found a topic online that I really want to study, but happen to be about to go to work. I can save it all for later.

Session Buddy

Lastly but the most important of all of these is the new tab page. What is that you ask? Anytime you open a new tab you see this: NewNewTabPageChrome.PNG

Bland, boring, and most importantly disastrous to productivity. Prevents any form of use, and the redundancy of the search box is ridiculous. As you can search just from the omni-box above. What I say to you is replace this as quick as you can. I have two tabs I choose from that I love: Momentum and Leoh. Both of which I’ve used extensively. Currently I am using Leoh so that is what I will talk about. Though they both share similar traits.

They have a background of some beautiful scenery to get your mind going creatively, the clock right in the center (for those of you who hide the taskbar, like me), weather forecast (though doesn’t work everywhere), and what is really cool is the motivational quote that Momentum has. Both have todo lists, and quick links. I use the quick links for all of my knowledge and learning sites. So that it is easy to just open them up as soon as I open up my browser and get to learning quick.


Increase your motivation!

There are so many ways to do this on a daily basis. Firstly with motivation quotes, you can get posters or decals to put on the walls of your home. Get wallpapers for the desktop or homescreen of your technology. Even just google quotes for a quick boost. I keep myself going to a really cool YouTube Channel that is all about motivation and self-improvement.

Get more out of life!

Do not settle for average, and do not let yourself give up on your goals. Keep the determination. Follow the Four Pillars philosophy to help you along the way. It is only here to help you improve that is it.

You can #makeachange in your life. In the lives of the people around you, and YOU can #makeachange in the world!

Thank you for reading.

-Dustin PolyULCian


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