Brace Yourself!

This year is going to be a strong one, I can feel it in my bones. No matter what your goal is in life I want you to do one thing for the United Living Construct this year: #makeachange and share compassion. Get out there, find someone random, and make their day. It can start small like this, but let it grow over the next year. Share the happiness and kindness that you want in life as well. Treat people with respect and love.


Show the world the burning heart inside of you and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

I want to talk about something that is truly one of the biggest themes I ever want to get across on this blog: Balance.

Balance is the key to life, and we have talked about it before, but it was a time ago.

The Balance of Life

The Parallels of the Universe

Just so you can catch up! ^^^


In every aspect of life there is a certain duality to it that may or may not be hard to see. The sheer resonance of this ideology is outstanding. The practical impacts you may see once you take this into account is extraordinary. What I mean is that you really can’t ever have too much of one thing in life. Take for example the Body Pillar, if you stay a lazy slob you will just feel miserable and your life will cease to take on meaning, conversely if you over work your muscles by constantly working out then you will over train. As someone who has over trained myself I know the pain the muscles consistently get from it. I even had gotten to the point once where my rotatory cuff and shoulder blade started hurting. Which is concerning (so I took a week off!).

There has to be a balance between strengthening and relaxing.


Coming to the other Pillars of Life we have the Mind Pillar. This one is a complicated situation because it is really hard to tell when your mind truly ceases to have the capacity to work that day. After sleep it has time to recover for the next day. Some people might say I can totally tell when my mind is kaput. The thing is though that they really can’t, for the most part people don’t realize the hidden capabilities we all contain within. Our minds have so much inner endurance that we don’t use.

Take this for example:

40% Rule of the Mind

This goes to show the sheer capacity we have that we leave for granted every single day.

You must control your mind in order to gain access to it’s true potential. Now I am not talking about some “Limitless” technique, the power of belief even. This is on a fundamental level where there is such a thing as brain power. You have the capacity already, it is simply choosing the use it. For example in some my physical endeavors I have had some goals to reach. Two of the biggest being: Being able to swim underwater an entire length of the pool without coming up, and the other being able to do as much push ups as I can. (At one point making a goal of 300).

I have achieved that swimming goal about two dozen times in the four years I’ve worked at the pool. I tell my swim lessons there that in order for me to have done that, any of the times, I had to fight my own urge to come up for air. Scientifically speaking humans can hold their breath for about 3 min before having to come up. I’m not saying I can, but I have the capacity to, just like everyone else. When I started I would get about 80% of the way there before having to come up for air, but still I would rush to the end, touch the wall and get up. Nowadays when I do it, I usually  get around to 90% before I feel the urge to come up.

With the push ups it really came down to the mind over matter because I had pushed my body to its limits, some points making the muscles numb, and would still continue to push. My original goal was 100 push ups. Sounds simple right? It was and around the 80 push up mark I would start to have issues, but 20 more is just one more set I would tell myself. Eventually I would get into the habit of doing multiple kinds of push ups in one sitting. Getting myself to around 180 per time. At that point I wanted to see how many I could do at one time. Using breaks of course. I told myself go for 300….I managed to only get to 263. Instead of looking at that as a failure for not reaching my goal, I kept the mindset of the successful, I made it to TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE push ups, more than any other time before. The power of the mind to keep you going in hard times is immense. Always remember that.



One of the most fluid and complex Pillars is the spirituality of life. I don’t care what religion you believe in, this applies to you. Or even if you are atheist or agnostic.

This way of thinking helps center your internal essence, as keeping balance in life around you will balance the life within you as well.

I strive to meditate as much as I can, looking towards subjects like Reiki or Buddhist techniques. Simply because I have seen a difference in my life after trying them. Not because of any preexisting belief. I know the habit starting process is tough for anything, and some people quite scoff at the practice. I can assure it is much more wide spread than you might think!

In the 7 Chakra format, you have Chakras aligned in your body that to put in simple terms are spiraling pools of energy that flow between each other. When one is blocked, they all are as well. Some people might get mad at me for that simple depiction, but just go with it. If these channels cease to flow then it prevents the natural flow of energy in your body. Scientifically I like to think this is related to the electromagnetism of the body, or along the lines of thermodynamics. It makes much easier for the logical mind to understand and respect when looking at it this way.

Keeping this Chakras in balance will allow you to keep your internal energies flowing and working properly. Otherwise certain Chakras when blocked will affect your body and mind in different ways. Its worth a Google if you have time.


I want to take a second to acknowledge something. As I am typing I look down at myself, I see a Ying-Yang necklace, a wood bead Ganesha bracelet, and a Buddhist bead bracelet as well. This combination brings me joy as it shows the versatility of philosophy and learning. I didn’t stop myself from learning about different religions and philosophies. I didn’t say “oh this suits me, I’m going to stick to this from now on.” I kept going and learning more and more.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.08.36 PM


Phew this one had to come around, well lets get to it then! Emotions are no different from an ocean in my book. Some people with more logical minds will say that they keep their emotions more akin to steady streams, instead of an ocean. Alas I think this is total bullshit because the way the brain works is on a fundamental level. It comes down to our base reactions before our more advanced logic can actually function. They come from the subconscious level and seep upwards to the conscious.

Emotional stability is the hardest to master of the bunch. Ironically about a year ago when I was writing about a very similar topic I thought I had mine in control. Maybe for a time I did, but I’ve realized over the past couple months my emotions have been out of whack. Going every where and causing me to be irritable. That is no excuse just a fact. Realizing this I strive to keep them in line for the new year. Even if winter brings me down!

In order for you to control your emotions you have to know what you are truly feeling. This is where meditation and working out REALLY help. They help get you past some of the mental barriers keeping you from seeing what you truly feel. Other times it comes down to not suppressing them at all, let them flow through you.


This image above I love so much, it shows the sheer scale of the world, although quite small on the cosmic scale, with the simple text “Change the World.” this quote always resonates with me. I’m not making this blog as “save the world” kind of thing, but simply to make it into what it should become. I want to #makeachange into the world being a catalyst of innovation and compassion.

My favorite quote ever is Gandhi’s “Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”

I hope to be that change, and I hope to instill a world wide balance to life, love, and prosperity.

-Dustin PolyULCian


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