A Bold Face

Something I’ve struggled with all of my life is to encompass everything I’ve learned into one coherent mindset. Taking all the knowledge and skills and facing each challenge with my full potential. In a sense, having a bold face.

No challenge will ever make me fold, only because I am bold.

I will face my obstacles ahead, whether they are manifested internally or outward. I will make use of everything I know. Not only that I will continue to grow and foster the mind. Cultivate my body into the shape I desire, not for anyone but me. As a ULCians our first goal before anything else, is to make a change within ourselves to become the perfect version of ourselves. To become what we are meant to be as a person. Manifest the true you, on the outward plane. No matter what your religion or belief is you should do this, for not only would it make your spirit stronger, but makes the world stronger as well. If we all become the perfect version, then the world should technically become it’s perfect version too. At least to a degree!


Take life one step at….. no fuck that. Leap forward and be BOLD.

-Dustin PolyULCian


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