Get back up.

No matter how hard life hits you and brings you down, you need to remember one thing: “I am alive.” That very fact will propel you through your entire life because the moment it ceases to be true is the day not only do you die, but your dreams as well.

Get back up onto that grind, that goal chase, that newfound love, whatever you have your sights on. Simply chase it. Cultivate your habits to benefit you, and to push you farther towards that goal. Your life has one reason for living, or perhaps many reasons, but your job is to find it (them). Build your report and master your grind.

Being an ULCian means to be the best version of yourself, if you’re not there yet that is fine, but you have to get there.

Be a Creator. Be a Uniter. Be a Leader.

Here are some of Gandhi’s fundamentals of world change:

Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World – positivityblog

“Change yourself….

Everyone is human….

continue to grow and evolve.”

These are just a couple lines from the article that simply resonate with imbued philosophy. I chose them as a way to consolidate the ideology into a simple idea follow on this post.

I love challenging myself.

Pushing to the next level any way I can. Mentally, physically, spiritually (ironically it takes patience with this one!), and even in ways I didn’t imagine before.

As an autodidact (self-learner) it is my responsibility to continuously teach myself new things and topics. Over the past year I’ve taught myself to sing at a professional level, I’ve studied a variety of topics but mainly focused on self development and languages. I’ve always loved communication. Learning other languages allows me to experience new connections with people that I would never have before. This is the cause of my insistence with people to pursue to at least some degree, of self development. It allows you to increase the daily benefits from your lives. I have made a multitude of social networking opportunities due to my diligence in this matter. I love the ability to talk to people.

I can only hope that some of this auto-didactic spirit rubs off on any of you. To pursue what you want to learn is something they don’t teach in school. I remember one of my greatest learning achievements back in high school (secondary school). Was when I decided to go to my school’s library and I ferociously burned through the entire philosophy and religion section. Getting a college level philosophy education all due to my curiosity.

Take these life challenges, learn more, and use that new-found knowledge to get back up on the battlefield. Who knows what you will face next, but you have to….no matter what…. GET BACK UP!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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