The 3 Main Components of the U.L.C.

There are three parts to the United Living Construct Blog and ideology. They are as follows, Philosophy, Self-Development, and World Unity. All of which interconnect and follow up on each other. We have talked extensively about technology as well, but it is more of an underlying aspect of each component.

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To put it simply the three componenents have been writen as: “Philosophy Thoughts” (Philosophy), “Four Pillars” (Self-Development), and “World Changers” (World Unity).

I have been waiting a long time to be able to write this post for you all. This is the utmost important post for the U.L.C. I plan on making a tab on the site just for this.

This post explains the three tiers of influence the United Living Construct focuses on. Allowing for a simpler understanding of what the U.L.C. is truly about. Philosophy to make a difference in everyday and hopefully overall life. Self-Development to learn from said philosophy and build yourself to a stronger version of you. Is this you? IS THIS YOU? Make yourself into the person you want to become. Finally we have the World Unity ideology, a formation to come together in a unified manner all over the globe. Becoming beacons of light and change all over the world, in every country. Even if its just a small few in each place that is fine, for it doesn’t truly take much to make a positive change.

U.L.C. Philosophy

Most of the Philosophy shared on here is done so by the blog posts “Philosophy Thoughts”, the random or perhaps strung out thoughts of an eccentric polymath who dreams of NOTHING but changing the world.

The philosophy can vary greatly, and truly is for each person to interpret their own way. I see it one way, which for many can be the same, other times someone might disagree with the ideal. In which case comment and we can discuss! #Socratic For the most part I will try to be unbiased in that nature, for Philosophy is like Science in a way. In order to pursue the best possible path, and the best result, then an unbiased pure intention is what is needed. Philosophy and Science is a truly remarkable combination. People all over the world think they need to be separate due to their vast differences in approach. In the end on the metaphysical scale and quantum scale they are remarkably similar. In the book “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra, it talks about the fundamental aspects of both sides. Using knowledge from both a large variety of sciences, and philosophies. Hinduism with geometry, Buddhism and quantum mechanics, etc. It doesn’t just compare one philosophy with one science, but a multitude each time. Showing the beauty of the unification of the two mindsets.



Many of you know at this point the Self-Development tier is going to be mainly focused on the Four Pillars Philosophy. It was created purely for this purpose. To be a manifestation of what you can become, in all manners of your life. The sheer potential of your person, with all the different aspects of your life imbued into one simple philosophy. Maintain your Pillars of life or they will crumble around you. Even if just one is in decline then your life can be drastically different, but when one falls the others soon do too. So maintaining them is a crucial aspect of life. Your mind is in control most of the time, and you can use that to your advantage when controlling your body during tough workouts, or your emotions during duress. Alas even it can falter, so your body may need to go on autopilot some days, or your spiritual side must manifest in a different manner. Your spirituality impacts the overall life, by changing the way you view the other Pillars. No matter what teachings you follow, this stands true.

The Four Pillars philosophy can also help you decide what kind of ULCian you are. Are you a Creator? A Unifier? A Leader? Or even a PolyULCian like myself?

The amount of progress you make in your life can be determined by these Pillars. No matter the case and life around you. Do not let hesitation and destabilization prevent you from becoming what you truly can become.


World Unity

Finally we have the pure essence of the United Living Construct, for in the name itself comes into the ideology about to unfold in this passage. United under the pure intention of improvement on any scale, united to create positive beacons for the world to follow. Living together in harmony, prosperity, and most important to myself, innovation. Construct of philosophy, created in a unique way, and for the purpose of the before-mentioned goals of the U.L.C.

We Are the World/Somos El Mundo #makeachange

The dreams of every person has the potential to come true, if facilitated in an environment meant for innovation, development and growth. The world we have now cannot do this any where close to what it could do if the U.L.C. was manifested physically in the world. I hope to create the U.L.C. as a physical place for people to come and innovate. Bring together the best of humanity and what it can become. The quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” really resonates with me because out of all the great innovators of the past or of our time even, I don’t see anyone coming close to the idea of the U.L.C. The U.L.C. is supposed to be a catalyst for world change and personal level change at the same time. A leader of sorts for the world to come together, and stop this maddening wars. The crime and war of the world can be solved so simply, and that is through compassion, innovation, and unification. Even on the simplest of levels, all three of those can make a monumental difference. I cannot stress this enough, just live compassionately at the very least. It will make your life so much happier, and more importantly the lives around you as well.

Thank you all, for being here in this moment reading this, and for being you.

This post took a long while for me to get out, and for that I am sorry, I wanted this one to be the best it could be due to its importance. As always thanks for reading! Spread the compassion and live life to your fullest capacity!!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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