Philosophy Thoughts: Beauty of the World

Everyday you see strangers, people you have never met, and perhaps will never see again. These people are all going through their days just like you, living their lives, seeing strangers they will never see again. There are so many people on the planet that you can never meet them all. Makes you think really about the sheer scale of the planet. People say that the world can’t change its too far gone. That is ridiculous because it changes literally everyday, people’s decisions are ever so slightly different and on this grand scale those little changes add up. They become TODAY. They become to what is known today as history. The Boston Tea Party was just a ragtag group of people getting together, the protests all over the world are PEOPLE COMING TOGETHER. Look at the history of our world, all the major changes came from people uniting. The sheer amount of potential we have as a group is incomprehensible.


Some people tell me that the goal of U.L.C. is one that won’t happen, personally I don’t believe them, I literally 100% cannot believe what they are saying. I take it into account, I listen to their points, but in my mind this IS the FUTURE. No doubt about it. That is the beauty of passion, the beauty of what the world can BECOME. The potential of us as a species makes me so weak in the knees that I can only do everything in my power to try and make it happen. I’ve always had my head in the clouds, perhaps that’s why I look towards the future than being present in the moment.

This is not a save the world blog, this is a place for people to come together and INNOVATE the world. Make it into something better, and that something will save the world on its own.

All of you are the start of this beautiful world, and only together can we make this dream a reality.

#makeachange my friends!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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