World Changing Videos: Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma – 5 Habits of World Class Achievers

Robin Sharma is a well known philosopher, creator, speaker, and much more. He is a man who has cultivated his mindset over years of experience. One thing he speaks about in this video with another great speaker, Joel Brown, is about the way you situate yourself. Its not just about Mindset, it is about your Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset as well. How your heart reacts to a certain situation, your emotional resonance if you will. The soulset is something even deeper, how you see your own morality. The constant evolution of yourself, and how you keep up with it’s changes.


I find that his idea of Mindset/Heartset/Soulset/Healthset is greatly akin to the Four Pillars philosophy. I’ve said it before that the philosophy I created it similar to many others out there, but it was developed in a way to cultivate strong habits to improve those aspects of life. I do so believe that Robin’s ideology works well with ours. It is strange to see just how unified we all are in our minds about the way the life works. We just need to find each other and unify. This is the main purpose of the U.L.C. is to find each other so that we may enter a new age of philosophy and innovation.

Cultivating these habits can instill a newfound perspective of your own life.

Mastering this ideology, whether you see it as Sets or Pillars, will allow you to prosper in ways you may have never imagined. I implore you to explore the possibilities!

Thanks for watching/reading!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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