The U.L.C. is for Unification

The developments of the United Living Construct have been made in order for people to make themselves into the best version of them they can be. The first step in order to unite one another together into a “Construct” of innovation and creation. A construct is either a formulation of ideas coming together in a unique way, such as the philosophy of the “Four Pillars”, or the “World Changing Videos”. Which are both shared here for the purpose of self-development. The sheer potential that each and every one of you that you possess is incredible.

The U.L.C. want’s to unite people from all over, all ethnicity, nationalities, backgrounds, and abilities. This way we create a group unlike any other previously created throughout history. We have the ability of instant communication, which can be a tool of massive proportions. —- With this idea in mind we implore you to consider the sheer change that we all can make. (This is exactly where the #makeachange originated)

You have the power to change the world, use it.

What we want here from this blog is a few things. Firstly the inspiration to do better in your own life, the potential to be a better version of yourself. Everybody can be improved from their own situation, but it is up to them to make it happen.

Secondly to unite these individuals together in order to facilitate an environment of unprecedented capacity.

Lastly to #makeachange on a global scale, making use of this newfound innovation and unity, we can challenge the conventional ways of thought, and finally make a difference that the entire world desperately craves.

I for 100% fact do believe that if the above is accomplished we CAN make a difference. The ability to change one’s life is actually easier than you might think. Obviously it is still a challenge, and on a big scale changing everybody’s lives can be tough. Though if we start small, it can expand and grow. The pay it forward ideology is a good example.

#Payitforward #makeachange #innovationcreation

As always thanks for reading, and keep it up!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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