The Audacious Nature of Living

Yes, the U.L.C. is alive and well, for as of late the posts on this blog have been too far and few in between. Life can get in the way of many things, except for this site. The United Living Construct is greater than a blog, it has the capacity for monumental change in the world. As it has been said before in posts the U.L.C. is a catalyst for change. A place where people can come together and discover every little inch of humanity and it’s possibilities.

This means that somehow someway the U.L.C. needs to evolve, and in some posts of the past we talked about a physical construct. That is logically some time away, but never once do I doubt it will happen. You all are the embodiment of change. You followed this blog for some reason or another. I believe that deep down it was because you wanted to facilitate growth not only in yourself, but the world as well.

For the moment all we can do is network, talk, and discuss the future. If you would like to talk to me directly leave a comment below and I will give you my email.

You have the potential to make your life amazing.

The sheer amount of potential each individual has is so vast that I can’t put it into words. Everyday you are given a new chance at life, some people see it as another day, think of it as this: A day that you are not dead. A day that you can build YOUR legacy one day at a time.


Share in these moments together, build strong relationships, improve yourself in all manners of life, and never stop learning!

A shorter post today, but it had to be said. The U.L.C.’s biggest contribution at the moment is the Four Pillars Philosophy. I implore you to read it and master your own Pillars.

-Dustin PolyULCian


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