Be One With the Bee

Bees are our friends, and they are dying. As a species overall they are struggling to survive. Some would say that it doesn’t matter, but even the most common insects have their place in the food chain. Bees on the other hand are crucial to the floral development process, and for us humans to cultivate food.

The potential we have for a better world can be traced to many different things, one big one is being able to save the bees. I can think of a few ways to help this process, but in reality I am not sure how to go about this change. We need to save a species from dying, but in turn we save the human species from dying as well. Because without bees we won’t have food to eat, plants to exchange CO2 with, etc.

Bees aren’t that dangerous either, and people kill them when they get near just because they’re scared. That’s preposterous because the bee is more scared. Unless you have a bad allergy then bee stings are just that, stings. Conversely they lose their entire life.

Some simple facts to know!

At the moment in my neighborhood there is quite the handful of bees. I see a lot outside my door when I come and go. I’m not scared of them because I know they won’t hurt me, and they know I won’t hurt them. There is a mutual understanding, they can sense your emotions. Just like dogs for example. Animals are more intune to that sort of thing, so when you freak out and panic, it is because of you that you get stung. I know it sound harsh, but really it needs to be said. If you think you’re gonna be stung then you will, as it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bees are rather gentle creatures simply wanting to collect the nectar. Lets not forget the awesomeness of honey!! I’ve replaced all sweeteners with just honey. Tastes better and is better for you.

19b1f76lyzrz0jpgPerhaps its your emotional state causing a disruption in your body temperature that the bees sense?

Or perhaps pheromones that you excrete are that of a friendly nature.

Here is a link to a well written article about the tremendous impact bees have on our ecosystem!

I would have liked to talk more about this in this post, but for now it will wait for another day!

Cheers to the bees, cheers to all of you, and cheers for reading this post!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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