Five Ways You Can Influence the World

Mastery over your own mind is crucial aspect to every life, it is what causes us all to move forward, and to become the best version of ourselves. When you start this process it can never end, not because of the possibility of failing isn’t there, oh no simply because you would never even want it to.

The rush you get when you finally accomplish something you have worked hard for and the sense of how much more you have to do for your next goal. It always keeps you going forward. Now you can get knocked down, you can get beaten to the curb, and you can even get to the brink of death, but no matter what you must get yourself back up.


Do you know why?

The reason why you must get back up every time you fall is because you have the potential to become something more. Every single individual is a catalyst for improvement, a crucial aspect to world change. The world can only change if each part does prior, the world is us. We are the world incarnate. People, creatures, nature, are all what the world encompasses. IF we change only THEN can the world change. Now where does this come down to you? Every day.

Every day you have the opportunity to change the world, or more particularly SOMEONE’s world. You can make the difference in someone’s day just to make it a little bit better.

  1. Make a Change in your immediate surroundings. The potential you have for good can make even the worst days better, and you can find even a happy person and make them happier. (It’s actually easier that way) Yet it’s even more beautiful when you can make a sad person happy.
  2. Make a change within your family. Try to expand your family’s tastes in music, food, literature. Expand their own likes and interests, they can do the same for you! Share what you love and listen to them when they do the same. Be someone they can count on. Be family.
  3. Make a change in your community. Go volunteer, go teach, go play with the neighborhood kids, go challenge the city to make things better where you live. Change the way recycling is done in local places, make potlucks where people bring healthy non-GMO foods, have a day in the park where people bring fruit and veggies. etc.
  4. Make a change in yourself. It really comes down to you, and if you can expand your own prowess, your own abilities, then you can use them for the greater good. Expand your mindset don’t let the common herd mentality or past experiences cloud your present judgement. As they say “live in the moment”, for really its all you have. All you’re guaranteed at the very least.
  5. Lastly, Make a change in the world. Changing the world isn’t as hard as it sounds, it simply starts by you just DOING IT. You have to make a difference in all aspects of life, like listed above, but just by doing so you have already changed the world. All you have to do after that is spread it out more!

What is comes down to is to #makeachange.

I wish you all the best of luck!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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