Technology Thoughts: Windows is Dead

I have been a Microsoft fan all my life, and in the past decade I have been a fanboy if you will. Ever since I was a kid I had used #Windows and stuck with it even on my mobile devices. I used 95, 98, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and even was one of the first to adopt Windows 10 as my main system. I’ve built computers for pretty much anything XP and above.

With my phones throughout my life they have been Nokia first (Nokia indestructible FTW), which adopted the Windows Phone OS when it first came out. Even got to the point where Microsoft bought Nokia Phones. They screwed them up when they did that sadly, at a hardware level. I have used every windows phone (even CE), from WP7 to Windows mobile 10. I have LOVED the fluidity of the OS, and the connectivity features for my Windows PC’s, but alas the phone has been dying for years. Not my device but the overall ecosystem of Windows devices. Surface devices came out years back and rocked the world by storm as an Ipad competitor, but like with everything they have been doing it died down.

I’m not sure if it’s their newish CEO, Satya Nadella, who destroyed the momentum that Microsoft as a company had, or it was just the decisions the company made as a whole.

All I know is that it is close to death.

Mind you I have been so hopeful that the company and it’s products will make a comeback. Perhaps with the never to release “Surface Phone”, or the “World of Devices” it’s trying to ploy at the moment, or even the “Internet of Things” ideology. Microsoft got it’s strong point when it was evolving FROM the internet. So for them to go back to their “roots” if you will is a good idea. I just don’t they are going about it right. Every conference I watched in recent years has been a major let down. Even the one I LOVED which was the one where they introduced all the features of the new at the time Windows 10, was a let down because they didn’t keep up on those promises right away. Even at that point they were in trouble with their fans, due to the whole messy W8.


Personally I liked windows 8, even more so when 8.1 came out. It was a real change of pace, and if implemented right (Sort of akin to the new W10 ideology of the internet devices) then it could have been more widely accepted.

Windows Phone over it’s life had ONLY gotten better, and I liked every iteration of it when I first got my mitts on that new shiny device. It seemed so elegant and fluid. The smoothness of the system was far superior to even iphones at the time, and it had more customization as well. Android as much as it had greatness, had faults in it’s chunkiness and broad sense of customization. You had to go far out of your way to learn it’s system if you wanted to change it. Which for an average user was a pain. Now I wasn’t an average user, I’m a techie at heart, and relished the challenge, but didn’t enjoy it.

Windows Phone 7 had revolutionized phones at the time for it’s simplicity, and with smartphones just being born around that time (2009-2012ish years), being more and more commonly accepted over flip phones. It was a nice change and a nice device. It left a lot to the imagination when it came to the Application department, as even now it lacks MANY common apps (like Snapchat). When Windows Phone 8 came out it was a drastic improvement. I almost wept when I had the chance to listen to Pandora on my Windows Phone device. I was giddy for joy for all the new apps I could play with. Even Snapchat at the time had a third party app on the Windows Store. So for a couple months I was able to use it. Then they decided to cut down on all the third party apps on all platforms. Causing me to lose my only line to Snapchat.

Then the update happened.

Everything changed when the update attacked the platform.

Windows 10 Mobile was a lifesaver, in a way, and nerdy people flocked to the devices. Sadly with the extremely SLOW release cycle the official release of the OS came out over a year later. Showing to the world that they weren’t ready yet to handle them, the early birds felt screwed, and the common consumer decided it wasn’t worth their time to try.

Even AT&T a company that stood by Windows Phone pretty much all along, dwindled their phone selection from a measly five, down to just TWO. I’m pretty sure you could only get refurbished ones to make it worse.

The Windows 10 Mobile OS is so freaking amazing that I could not say I’m mad at them. Because they tried, they really did, just did not plan out far out enough or simply didn’t implement their ideas right. As of now the OS is finally getting it’s kinks out, three years later. I’m rather devastated that the company I have been with so long has let me down time and time again. I was a loyalist to nothing else, even stood by them when the whole Xbox One E3 fiasco happened. Why I don’t know, but I enjoyed their products. I like the connection between devices. The overall atmosphere of their product ecosystem.

I am not even going to tackle the horrendous launch of the Xbox One, and the very slow start the product had on it’s life-cycle. With the Xbox One Scorpio right around the corner I might do a piece then.

Obviously I felt passionate about this post, and I literally was thinking all about this as I was walking. I came straight home and wrote about it, so that creative flow wasn’t wasted. I want you all to realize that I still don’t want to leave their products, but I will have to soon. Maybe get an Android phone that can suit my App needs, and my tech speed hunger. I’m sad to see the company die, hell at one point in my life I highly considered working there.

We don’t do Technology Thought posts much as of late, hopefully that will change!

As always I thank you for reading! If you haven’t already please to share and subscribe. In order for the U.L.C. to grow people need to know about it!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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