The Three ULCians

ULCian is a term used here a lot to describe the type of people that the United Living Construct encompasses. The three main persona’s or “jobs” people in the U.L.C. will become. They are as follows: Leaders, the people who direct the decision making flow of the organization. Creators, the ones who develop and innovate the flow itself, as well as the U.L.C.’s innovative aspects. Finally the Uniters, who just like the Leaders, lead the masses on a different level. Using both creative and leadership aspects to cultivate a mindset that the masses can follow.

With both “Leaders” and “Uniters” some might say that they should be one and the same, alas I do so believe that the crucial thought process is different between the two. As the Uniters would use more unconventional means, or in other words a creative path, perhaps derived from Creators, and make a change on a different level than what a Leader could.


Leaders would tend to use more well refined techniques for leadership. Ones that use the common psychology knowledge and fundamental governmental history. There is no government, like what the U.L.C. could create, throughout history that could compare. The systems of old are just that, old. They are inherently faulted, and have been quite obviously so with all of the global economic chaos. Some statistics say that we are doing “better”, but that is not a good thing. We need to be doing a tremendous amount better, if we are ever to create a thriving global society. Monetary value is diminished in most countries, inflation runs at abnormal levels, and with the constant influx of bad leaders all around the world. It runs the course of near destruction.

Creating a new society, world dynamics, or even just a new way of thinking, is a ambitious project to say the least. It takes full collaboration with a lot of different moving parts. The fundamentals of government are unknown to a majority of the society, yet in the U.S. that is who is deciding who leads the country? That makes no sense whatsoever. Some of the originators of Democracy in Ancient Greece spoke highly of the importance of self-teaching. The way of the Auto-Didactic life. In order to vote they must have learned the different situations at hand, as well as who is running for leadership.

Makes sense right? Wouldn’t have somebody go to the DMV to get a license if they haven’t learned to drive yet?

With total understanding we can create a magnificent work of human ingenuity and innovation. With allocating different prospects of creation and leading to different roles than what is commonly recognized(As previously said with three types of ULCians), we can create a newfound type of society. One that can lead the world into a new way of thinking. A new way of life.

In previous posts we mentioned a forth type of ULCian, a PolyULCian. Someone who shows all three types of traits, and follows through in all aspects. Everyone can SHOW the traits, only in rare cases can someone truly embody all of them successfully.

Its not to say that someday the organization will mold into a form where everyone is a PolyULCian. I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Alas this is for another day, simply keep the three in mind. Cultivate strong habits: create, lead, and unite!

Thanks for reading! -Dustin PolyULCian


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