How the U.L.C. and the Four Pillars Can Change YOUR Life

U.L.C. Pathways

Three words: United, Living, Construct. Each word was meticulously placed in this way in order to convey a certain ideal. One that has been spoken about on here for a while, and interconnects with the Four Pillars Philosophy flawlessly. As each are a means to the same end, but with different intertwining paths.

The three different types of ULCians comes into play here with the three branches of interest take heed of the Pillars, and how they are developed. Over time happiness, stress, experiences, and thoughts compound into the personality and being you encompass. These factors determine how you approach situations. With the world in a asunder state this makes those same factors a bit more negative. When we approach this ideology of the Four Pillars it is imperative to pull into account what made them into the state they are in. Those same factors may pull you back down, or up if you had a more positive experience, when the initial process is over.


Obviously with each new experience in life there is a learning curve, the approach that is usually taken with the Four Pillars is a clean slate idea. Essentially calling for the experiences to be consciously remembered, but not letting them effect you now. Otherwise they will impact your performance on all levels.

The U.L.C. is a construct formulated to allow people to enhance their own Four Pillars in an environment suitable for such an endeavor. Living together peacefully so that each person can help one another accomplish their own path. This united front allows for unparalleled progress towards one’s own goals. The unity itself is something that will motivate generations.

Taking a Path

The three tiers of sorts of the U.L.C. is Leadership, Creation, and Uniting. Each of them are so fundamentally simple, one would say they are one and the same. Especially with the Uniter (A term we use for that type of person) and Leadership paths. Alas there is more to the ideology than just making a group of people do certain things, or bringing them together to do those things in the first place. In a simple stance that is what a Leader or Uniter would do respectively. Its more of a step process allowing for the Uniters to initially bring people together, and leaders to take over from there on the day to day items. Uniters come back later to the same people (not just recruitment you could say), and keep people on the same page. Keep them on the same over arching goal. Whereas leaders would lead the smaller groups, take care of the day to day decisions, devise the plans of the future. Uniters act upon those plans.


This doesn’t mean the system is akin to the United States simplistic solution for a unified and “unbiased” declaration for different “Checks and Balances”. Really the solution should be what is focused on, not the problem itself like the House of Representatives tends to focus on. I’m not saying the system itself is terrible, just simply underdeveloped.

This is where Creators come into play, some people in the world simply see things differently. Their minds look past the current standings, the current technology, or ideologies. This is where the innovators, entrepreneurs, and Bill Gates of the world come from. I’ve found myself even in this position where all I can do is think of new ways of living, and new ways of doing things. In every aspect of my life, work, and play. The Creators are tasked with the goal to innovate the current ideal, the current tech of the age, the way we even live our lives.

When the United States Constitution was created, it was said by the Founding Fathers that it should be revamped every 19 years. That seems like an odd year for this, but the idea stays the same, IT NEEDS TO BE REVAMPED. In the couple years of the country’s existence it has never once been redone. Simply amended to temporarily fix a problem.

Creators have the ability to see what the system could become, and start to create it in the current day.

The Catalyst

The United Living Construct in a way of its creation is a catalyst for change. A means to fulfill the goals in our hearts. The way we can accomplish great things as a species. Doesn’t matter what religion you believe, doesn’t matter if you’re democrat or socialist or conservative, what matters is your intellectual opinion on a matter of discussion. Adding the input from so many sources will allow the best decision to be made. Despite this ideal it needs to be implemented. For now the catalyst is an organization online, here and now, for all of you to use and communicate. The sheer amount of potential we all have can be a brilliant thing. Lets decide to use it!

Follow the Four Pillars philosophy so that we can continue on a open path, and create a whole new world ahead.




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