How the U.L.C. Can Help You

What We Are Here For

The United Living Construct was created as a catalyst for change, and no matter if that meant on a personal level or global level it was there. We hope to develop strong techniques for all of you to use to develop your Four Pillars. Pursuing the best version of yourself you can be, and creating a whole new world.

All the posts, pages, followers, and milestones up to this point has allowed us to make the greatest content we can for all of you. Though as it is with all aspects of life there is always another level to achieve. We are going for that next level content for you all, and it will all be on our NEW website:

We are so eager to have you all join us there for the vast amount of new stuff to explore and talk about! The comments you all left over the past two years.

How and Why Does The Four Pillars Work?


Modern Philosophy

The philosophical outlook of the U.L.C. was based off of learning from the masters themselves (Plato, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Da Vinci, Tesla, Franklin, and the list could go on). Despite this we have adapted the ideals to a modern sense, for what is philosophy if not to apply to your own life?


Each of your Four Pillars (Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions) are extremely interconnected, and influence each other in many ways. The sheer number of ways they can impact each other is massive. From the little things to traumatic and exciting experiences. New sciences are developing more and more for the “Mind-Body” connection, but it doesn’t stop there. Your Spirit within you has the capability of creating your personality, your life. Your mind might be in the driver seat, but the Spirit is the car itself.

Your Emotions hinge on the balance of the other three Pillars, and if some external situation impacted your Emotions then it will turn and impact the rest as well.

Simple Mindset Changes

The greatest impact you have on your life can be the smallest change. From giving a child a dollar everyday so that she can go to school, or going out of your way slightly to be more compassionate, or even just waking up earlier in the day.

What Is World Unity?


Sheer Potential

I get close to tears anytime I think about the future, and do you know why? Simply because of the amount of potential we have as a planet, the capacity we all contain within for change. The potential of unifying the planet and focusing our efforts into spreading across the galaxy, making the Earth green again, or at the very least changing the way we all live.


Why is it that despite all of our wars, for the 12,000+ years we have been roaming the Earth there has been one common denominator, us? Wow that seems so redundant to say, but its true the presence of us human beings means that we have had all of this time to get our act together and #makeachange. That doesn’t mean it is too late, but imagine what the world would have been like if the computer was invented sooner? The mastery of fire came with the mastery of wind? (Wind power? Solar power?).

ULCian Culture

Our quaint organization is a catalyst for change, but what does that mean?

To be a catalyst it means two things: One chemistry related, and the other (which is the one we are going to look at) means a person or thing that causes a change.

We want to be that place you think of in your head as an innovation hub, the all encompassing leader for innovation, peace, and philosophy. The vision of the future.

The people who encompass that hub are ULCians, the like-minded individuals who care about nothing less than prosperity for humanity. They are the greatest version of themselves. They are a Creator (Someone who builds the world and technology), a Uniter (Someone who brings together the masses, rally’s them for the unification of the world, and finally the Leaders (People who lead the day to day operations, and help guide people through there Four Pillars training).

U.L.C. Philosophy

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.08.36 PM

Everything is Connected

The world is a magnificent pool of events, people, and paths. The vast amount of opportunities that are ahead of any given person is monumental. Each person might be living their own lives, and even if you spend every day of your life with someone, they will still be on their own path. That being said the connection between two people, three, or a million, is so deep that it can transcend time and space.

The Key to Life is Balance

Balance is one of the biggest points we try to get across, for everything in life can be in balance. The Four Pillars are best when, they are in balance. The world is best when the balance of peace and violence is made. You being angry, it is only balanced by happiness. Someone being cruel? Balanced by compassion.

The key to every action is to find the balanced position for said action.

Harmony of Ideology and Technology

Technology doesn’t have to be the end of the world, or the ecosystem. In fact in our future ahead it is quite the opposite. When tech is built with philosophy in mind then we get the greatest of inventions. I.e. Tesla Coil, iphone, Nintendo Switch, SpaceX, the list goes on.

The potential for greatness only stops when the philosophy behind it ceases.

Expressive Philosophical Passion

The U.L.C. was created out of pure philosophical adoration. We could not imbue such wisdom into content with any more passion. The exuberant audacity of how we approach each situation is one of a unique mindset, an innovative mindset.

We’re not through yet with the monumental ambitions ahead of us and the wonderful followers behind us, there will still be a big leap to hurdle. That is why we need all of you to come over to the new site and start participating there too!

We will keep this old site up to allow you all to read these older posts, and absorb their information still. As well as a reminder of where we came from, and where we are headed.

Philosophy, Self-Development, and World Unity.

Innovating new ideas and technology to the world.

Signing off of here I say to you, Thank You!

-Dustin PolyULCian


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