U.L.C.’s Plan of Action

World Dynamics is a vast network of people and countries living together in a capitalistic ideology.

This is a blog developed to innovate that said ideology, and we do not have to continue living in the way we have for a century now anymore. The world has evolved all around us, especially with the growth of technology. With this on the forefront of our minds and peaceful philosophy behind our actions, we can live very well and very prosperously. Everyone in accordance to a simplistic purpose, the growth of humanity.
Being able to develop such an audacious idea is what we do here. We create new foundations to live off of and to innovate the technology around us. There is a spot for anyone because there is the need of people in the world. We all have a purpose it is simply the chore of finding that purpose in the first place. We selected three main categories for people that will make it easier to find your path, and them being creation, Leadership, and Unification. Simple as that and with a polymath mindset there wouldn’t be a need for people to do tedious work like janitorial alone. We would all share the responsibilities making it ten times as easy to live our lives. This might sound socialistic although it is not, for the real governmental aspect of the U.L.C. is simply one of organization. Something to be the over arching collective insight. Nothing more because people are what encompass a country, encompassing the world. People should be the true definition of the government, and that is what Democracy is supposed to be. Not this bipartisan mess the governments have been.

From this point of view there is peace, innovation, and true tranquility in the world. It must sound so naive to the outside view, but the world is not what we currently make it out to be.
People see the world as:
  • A way of making money instead of making innovations
  • Pushing other people down instead of helping their growth
  • Controlling the situation instead of letting the flow of life guide them (even if you don’t believe in such a thought there is still some resonance i.e. fate, destiny, holy, Tao, etc.)
  • A sad and depressing place, which is currently really is and some people choose to ignore it
Don’t be that person, don’t ignore the facts in front of you, discover something new about the world around you, the city you are in, the country that is your nation. Learn from the situation you are in right now. #teachyourself #autodidact
You have the capacity to really make a difference at any level, but only if you choose to do it. The point of this blog is not one of pure education, philosophy, even pure world unity. It is about the BALANCE between all of those things. The overarching idea is one of unity incarnate. Not just between people, not just between your Four Pillars of Life, not just the world itself, but unity that of all of those combined into one.
This site is developed to be an organization to be a building block of new innovations and organizations to spawn from it. It has the potential to be many things, actually you do as well, but the main goal for us is to unite the world. What the world chooses to do then is their decision.

 Take this moment and think about how the world can change in any capacity. Take one more moment and write down a little idea that might help that change to come to fruition. Finally please take one last moment to comment the change and idea, for us all to see and innovate. This way that little idea may be able to grow. The seed of change can be planted and blossomed into something magnificent!
Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope something here resonated with you and if it did then tell us! Comment YOUR idea, share if YOU liked it, and subscribe if YOU want more! We care about your growth! #makeachange #selfdevelopment #worldunity

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