Everyday Four Pillars

Each day it is imperative to spend at least a fractional amount of time on each Pillar. Honestly it isn’t very hard, for when you choose to work on one of them, then the rest will follow.

For example today, I have been working on cultivating a reading habit, starting off with a book on Napoleon Bonaparte. This book is huge with 815 densely packed pages, and at the moment I am about 40 pages in with two days about an hour each of reading. I am challenging myself to take one of my hardest books first, and then branch out to the easier ones. Today I read half of those 40 pages, decided to then learn more about reading voraciously, practiced some spirituality for myself by reading another book on Chakras, as well as pondered which Chakra of mine might need meditation on. As a learning break I took a moment to play some Tetris as a mental workout. Finally after writing this post I am going to go to the gym (often times  I do it at home), and workout with a superset.

My emotional pillar has been activated by all three prior to it. With the choice of music I listened to (Epic Genre), and the emotional resonance of what I read.

Each of these Pillars can be easily strengthened to a degree, some may take more work than others, and some may be super easy. Each person is different, has had different lives, and may not know much about a particular Pillar in their own lives.

Take a moment and reflect upon yourself.