Productivity at it’s Finest

I've talked about improving your lives, and gave you different ways to improve certain aspects, but what about just the basic day to day life? Sure creating a workout habit, or meditation is in this world, but just take a look to this for a bit. I aim myself to be the next great thinker … Continue reading Productivity at it’s Finest

Two Year Anniversary

Today is the day the U.L.C. was created just two years ago. I can't believe personally how long it has been, and I hope I can keep it going more! I have plans for the United Living Construct far beyond a philosophical blog. Everyday I envision a new world for all of us to call … Continue reading Two Year Anniversary

How Technology Needs to Change the World

Technology is truly every where and even in remote places across the globe. We all know those science fiction flicks where at some point the world comes to the realization that coming together and pooling tech together is the right course of action. When is that point? Generally in the films its because of of … Continue reading How Technology Needs to Change the World

The Beauty of Windows 10

I've said it before and I'll say it again "the world needs more unity". Windows 10 is doing just that! If you haven't seen the new press release for Windows then check it out at the break below! If you want a simpler video to watch with the info then here you go! Windows … Continue reading The Beauty of Windows 10

The Upcoming Convergence of Phone and Computers

To start off there isn't much difference between phones and PCs. Confused? Common Sense? Well here is the explanation, there is three major platforms on both. Them being Mac/IoS, Windows, and Linux (android). The main reason why I say that there isn't much difference between both pieces of hardware is that we are headed in … Continue reading The Upcoming Convergence of Phone and Computers