Four Pillars of Life

In life there are many aspects that originate from purely YOU, not your environment, not the people around you, but solely your life originates from you. Your decisions, actions, emotions, thoughts, all of them accumulate and formulate what makes you, you. This is very inspiring to think about, for this is the reason why your bad is bad, or if your good day is good. As simple as that sounds, its a lot harder to think about, your day is what you make of it. Ever see a Buddhist monk smile at a funeral? Because he realizes that you shouldn’t be sad that the person has left us, but instead happy that the person was there at all, and that they made an impression onto you in the first place.

Joyful2 You have to realize who you are, see who you have been, and see who you want to become. That is what your life is and will always will be.

This is why keeping your own life balanced is so crucially important. You must enact your own beliefs and concepts and make them into you.


This is where I created the Four Pillar Philosophy. In each person there is four pillars that bind them, and manifest them. They are:

  • Mind: Creating a calm and justified, yet sharp mentality is no easy thing, but with practice and meditation it can be done.
  • Body: This is your vessel through life, you have to take care of it. Workout any way you like, and make sure you push yourself. Try push ups!
  • Spirit: Your faith does not have to be to any religion, but it can be purely your belief in yourself, and your abilities. Let your mind wander and your mind to look within.
  • Emotions: Do not let anger be a seed of corruption or sadness to hinder your joy. You are the master of your emotions.

Each of these are connected and intertwined to one another. If your mind is lacking then your body falters, if you lack enthusiasm or belief in what you do, then your mind is hindered in its options, etc. Your emotions are connected to all three, and can be impacted greatly by them as well.

By balancing the Four Pillars you can create tranquility in your life, and live happily. Some event might bring you down, but you know that it is only temporary, and that you have the power to move on.


Don’t falter, don’t quit, and don’t become unbalanced.