The Three ULCians

ULCian is a term used here a lot to describe the type of people that the United Living Construct encompasses. The three main persona's or "jobs" people in the U.L.C. will become. They are as follows: Leaders, the people who direct the decision making flow of the organization. Creators, the ones who develop and innovate … Continue reading The Three ULCians

The U.L.C. is for Unification

The developments of the United Living Construct have been made in order for people to make themselves into the best version of them they can be. The first step in order to unite one another together into a "Construct" of innovation and creation. A construct is either a formulation of ideas coming together in a … Continue reading The U.L.C. is for Unification

U.L.C. Goal: Type-1 Civilization

The transition from Type-0 to Type-1 Civilization ... Will We Make It? When I look towards the future do you know what I see? I see the two paths Michio spoke of: prosperity or destruction. What I mean by that is that either we as a planet are going to crumble from the inside out, … Continue reading U.L.C. Goal: Type-1 Civilization

The World Hates Anti-Conformists

I myself am an anti-conformist, so lets just face that fact, and that's what most likely inspired me to write a blog about making a change because I detest the current conformity. I personally really like the organization of a country like the U.S.A. but the way it came about is wrong and unjust. We … Continue reading The World Hates Anti-Conformists

All of You Are a Start to a Revolution

A revolution is a monumental step in humanity's progress, we've had many in the past all around the world, but one is the most prudent to our discussion, the American Revolution. This feat we accomplished was so grand the very patriotism that sparked it still runs in our blood. We still feel like patriots at times, … Continue reading All of You Are a Start to a Revolution

The Age of a New Civilization

In a world that is consumed by ever-growing corruption and separation, we strive as a race to overcome tyranny. Democracy was born out of the ashes of civilizations of old. It at first was a great way to express one's individual freedoms and to have the right to freedom itself. America was the first to … Continue reading The Age of a New Civilization